Dedicated experts

SDA Bocconi MBA faculty are recruited based on their research, communication skills, personal charisma, academic achievements, reputation in the business community, and professional experience.

“E&M Magazine” is the collective noun to describe the SDA Bocconi School of Management’s publishing commitment, which today is developed by two complementary tools:

  • Economia & Management: the School’s historical paper magazine founded by Claudio Dematté that is an ideal bridge between the managerial practices and the ongoing evolution of research and theoretical knowledge of SDA Bocconi. It’s a fundamental tool for updating and not giving up your own executive training.
  • E&MPLUS: the new hub of managerial culture of SDA Bocconi School of Management that widen the content area provided by Economia & Management by adding, in digital form, news and information related to the School’s knowledge. This development aims at renewing the original mission of being a crossroads of ideas, models, tools and experiences useful to those who work in and for companies.