• Michelle Harris - Canadian

    MBA 2016

    When I chose to study at SDA Bocconi, I was excited: I knew that living in Italy would give me an international experience and a chance to meet people from all over the world. I was ready for a challenging life inside the classroom. What surprised me most, was the entrepreneurial drive I developed after joining the Entrepreneur Club. We launched “Imagine Bocconi,” a 3 day hackathon for disruptive innovation. It was an exceptionally rewarding experience and one that I’ll never forget. We were essentially running our own start-up.

  • Pablo Rodríguez Verdeguer - Spanish

    MBA 2016

    I can only say thanks to the huge amount of people who taught me so much, not only academically, but also personally. From the friends of the MBA and other masters to the faculty and staff of the school. Launching Imagine Bocconi with such an extraordinary team was a unique opportunity to challenge myself. If you want to raise the bar, SDA Bocconi is the right place to be.

  • Anshumala Srivastava - Indian

    MBA 2015

    When I embarked on this MBA journey, many people who had walked the same path advised me - "the MBA is about networking!" With less than 100 friends (I prefer to say friends and not colleagues for obvious reasons), SDA Bocconi offered an introverted person like me the opportunity to build strong bonds and not just networks, but friendships I can rely on no matter what the situation is - personal or professional!

  • Jenny Bozhinova - Bulgarian

    MBA 2015

    SDA Bocconi is located in Milan - one of the most famous and well-known cities in the world. The city is recognizable with its musical culture, fashion, traditional food and business centers. One of the main reasons behind the growing fame is its location. Practically, Milan is in the middle of Europe and is one of the few cities that has three airports with convenient access to the city including one serviced by low-cost airway companies. This makes the commuting between Milan, rest of Europe and many countries overseas not only easy and fast also covering the variety of needs of passengers - very affordable options exist along with high quality services. SDA Bocconi as Milan itself benefits of its strategic location. This is the home of an MBA for people from all over the world from different cultures, backgrounds and ambitions.

  • Pavlo Stroblja - German / Ukrainian

    MBA 2015

    SDA Bocconi is located in one of the top fashion capitals of the world. The MBA program provides the unique opportunity for networking with top managers of leading companies to learn the industry first hand during company visits in Milano. This is the place to be for those interested in working in the business of fashion and luxury.

  • Gaia Migliavacca - Italian

    MBA 2015

    Daily classes, group assignments, international competitions, club events and informal gatherings create a sense of belonging and a strong bound that will last forever.

  • Francesco Camusso - Italian

    MBA 2015

    In the SDA Bocconi MBA I have enjoyed international competitions, interviews with top consulting firms, group activities and exams. It is a demanding experience, but you really learn to manage yourself, your time and your team. This is the best way to prepare yourself for what comes next: an amazing and challenging job.

  • Merve Akar - Turkish

    MBA 2015

    Listening to the most successful top executives talk about their international experiences and having the chance to have one-to-one conversations, Leadership Series is one of the unique and inspiring parts of the MBA. From their sincere speeches including both successes and failures, we gained firsthand insights about being a true leader.

  • Divya Sachdev - Indian

    MBA 2015

    SDA Bocconi is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities from across the globe. The MBA program gave me the opportunity to learn from a diverse blend of backgrounds, ideas, beliefs and competencies. Being in the midst of such diversity was a stimulant, one that ensured enriching experiences and holistic growth of me as an individual.

  • Anthony Gallese - American / Italian

    MBA 2015

    Interacting with talented people from so many different cultures and learning about where they are from has been incredibly enriching for me personally, but has also helped prepare me to be a global manager. Not to mention, it does not hurt to have friends around the world who can show you around while traveling.

  • Sheli Nina Miller - Israeli / South African

    MBA 2015

    In terms of managerial experience, what you get out of the MBA depends on what you put in. The school provides opportunities to gain management experience, through clubs, business simulations, and role-plays- but it is up to us to grab those opportunities.

  • Antonio Michele Marchitelli - American

    MBA 2015

    SDA Bocconi completely surpassed my expectations on how effective and powerful learning about leadership in the classroom could actually be. I feel even more confident to join the workforce as the MBA's interactive teaching style leveraged real life business scenarios that provided me with the critical know-how and finesse to enhance the skills in my managerial tool belt.

  • Luca Cassani - Italian

    MBA 2015

    The MBA at SDA Bocconi is all about exposure: exposure to new people, new cultures, new challenges, new industries and new business models. It is a fast paced, demanding environment that pushed me to use my creativity and business acumen by constantly taking me out of my comfort zone. It is a unique journey designed to maximize future opportunities.

  • Michele Nava - Italian

    MBA 2015

    The MBA from SDA Bocconi is an intense, fast-paced and exciting journey. It allowed me to connect with brilliant people and benefit from their experiences while maximizing my international exposure in the shortest time possible. It was an investment worth making.

  • Tiffany Hollins - American

    MBA 2015

    Having a diverse international class was one of the main reasons I chose SDA Bocconi. I was able to hear real business perspectives from my classmates from their countries instead of just reading an article. My classmates also taught me about standard business practices in their countries.

  • Xiaofei Li - Chinese

    MBA 2015

    I learned more from my classmates than the program itself, especially the teams for group work. Lucky enough, I had teams each term with members from totally different countries. They are perfect reflections of your thoughts and beliefs, challenging your traditional decision-making style.  Team is all about pushing you to be the best you can!

  • Marina Vartsou - Greek

    MBA 2015

    The Track in Luxury Business Management is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, perfectly harmonizing theory with practical experience. Learning the fundamentals of the business in a highly market-oriented environment is brought to life, as we are able to put what we learn into practice by interacting with senior managers of the most prestigious brands and interning in the luxury industry. The program gave me the chance to gain penetrating marketing intelligence from leading experts.

  • Leonard Liscio - Italian

    MBA 2015

    Being part of the Sailing Club and its incredible events has been one of the most enriching experiences of my MBA. From networking and team-building to sailing and partying in stunning locations, the Sailing Club really has something for all tastes. Being a member of the club's board enabled me to share my long-time passion for sailing through learning opportunities and by planning our signature events: the SDA Bocconi Sailing Weekend and the Rolex MBA's Conference and Regatta. To hear all the wonderful comments and feel the enjoyment from participants made the hard work of my team worth every minute!

  • Davide Scannapieco - Italian

    MBA 2015

    Taking part in the WBS Competition allowed us to test our business skills and challenge other MBA students from around the world. Teamwork is key in such environments, and our team did an excellent job because we were aware of our individual strengths - we knew from the very beginning how to work with each other.

  • Sara Martello - Italian

    Market Access Director, Abbott Diabetes Care Italy, Abbott MBA 2009

    My MBA was a life-changing experience. Thanks to it I had the opportunity to better express my potential and to grow fast, reaching all the goals I set for my professional life. After 5 years working in a multinational company, I'm now considering to become an entrepreneur and I feel that's possible also thanks to my MBA.

    From Forbes ROI ranking 2015

  • Valeria Pascucci - Italian

    EU Finance Manager - Strategic Projects, Amazon, Italy MBA 2009

    When I decided to pursue an MBA, I was certain it would change my career, aspirations and professional mindset. The only nuance I did not understand at that time, but I do visibly appreciate six years later, is the extent it positively and profoundly changed my whole approach to new ventures and my life.

    Summer 2015

  • Massimo Paolo - Italian

    VP Finance & CFO Latin America, GlaxoSmithKline, Brazil MBA 2008

    The SDA Bocconi MBA was an intense experience shared with a diverse group of talented individuals willing to learn from each other. The ability to work across boundaries in multicultural teams has been an invaluable asset for my development.

    Summer 2015

  • Roberto Bellinzona - Italian

    European Category Director, Iglo Group Limited, UK MBA 2007

    The MBA at SDA Bocconi completely fulfilled my expectations. Ienriched my knowledge by acquiring the necessary tools in order to better face and manage today’s changes. It was a great opportunity for personal and professional growth after my previous working experience, by taking time to think differently and with a diverse perspective. I had inspiring classmates, and I also enlarged my opportunity set and network with an exchange at IE business school in Madrid – Spain. Overall, it was an extremely enhancing and eye opening period of time!

    Summer 2015

  • Corrado Mida - Italian

    Network Development, Training and Market Intelligence - EMEA Parts and Services at CNH Industrial MBA 2006

    Ten years after completing my MBA, I can see in a very clear way the added-value of my experience at SDA Bocconi. From a professional perspective - new tools, skills and an excellent network. From a personal perspective, a unique and intense experience that allowed me to develop strong bonds with an extraordinary group of people. The combination of classes, project work, club activities and a three-month internship allowed me to continuously practice what I learned during classes, while exchanging views with colleagues and faculty. In other words, a true international experience in the most beautiful country in the world!

    Summer 2015

  • Tommaso A. Ascarelli - Italian

    Director, AlixPartners, Italy MBA 2006

    SDA Bocconi MBA was an incredible enabler of a step forward in my career, moving from a start-up specialized engineering firm to a successful career in a leading consultancy firm. Life in the “evolving” Milan is a perfect mix of academic activities and networking events. My schoolmates today are a strong international network and it is great to know that, when I need specialized advice, I always find a friend ready to support in almost every field and industry.

    Summer 2015