In order to cater for the specific needs of companies and institutions, SDA Bocconi School of Management has developed the Corporate Empowerment© model. This model was designed specifically to allow the School to produce Custom Programs that can strengthen and bring value to participating organizations.  

Thanks to the Corporate Empowerment© model SDA Bocconi can create Custom Programs that are carefully designed and personalised, just like a tailored suit. These courses are highly customized:

  • the result of an in-depth analysis of the client’s needs and operating context; 
  • designed to suit the profile of the organization in every aspect; 
  • entirely tailored as far as contents, tools, duration and place are concerned;
  • always flexible and adaptable (even once it’s started) based on the School’s long-standing experience;

and high in value:

  • taught by a faculty of established professionals and experienced teachers with international backgrounds; 
  • based on content that is of high scientific rigour and maximum operational efficiency; 
  • conducted using cutting-edge teaching methods;
  • highly relevant over the long term, thanks to the faculty’s continued support outside of the classroom;
  • thoroughly assessed and certified. 



SDA Bocconi’s Custom Programs are run by three divisions, each dedicated to the School’s three core business sectors: the Claudio Dematté Corporate and Financial Institutions Division, the Government, Health and Not for Profit Division.

Advantages of the Corporate Empowerment© Model

The unique Corporate Empowerment© model allows SDA Bocconi’s clients to:

  • strengthen managerial and operational competencies;
  • boost the company’s talent motivation; 
  • develop new perspectives and a new overview; 
  • ease the implementation of new strategies; 
  • accelerate innovation;
  • support the growth of the organization; 
  • encourage sustainable and lasting organizational change.

Project development process according to the Corporate Empowerment© Model 

  • Through the Corporate Empowerment© model SDA Bocconi acts as a partner to companies and institutions. The School establishes a privileged and engaging collaboration that consists of regular and constructive interactions, with the aim to develop an effective Custom Program. 
  • At SDA Bocconi Custom Programs are structured according to 5 steps:

1. Initial Assessment

  • Starting a conversation with the client to assess needs and identify the potential benefits of a Custom Program.  
  • Context analysis (market and strategic objectives of the organization). 
  • Assessment of competencies and requirements, both among individuals and within the organization.

2. Requirements Analysis

  • In-depth analysis of the core competencies of the organization and of the gaps in knowledge and skills that need to be addressed. 
  • Definition of the objectives of the program for the innovation and development of the organization.

3. Design a Program

  • Program designing together with the client, identifying any specific paths for the different groups of employees.  
  • Teaching methods selection: lectures and experiential, using a range of techniques, tools and methodologies. Field-based learning, employing methodologies suitable to drive decision-making processes from both a strategic and functional point of view.  
  • Program fine-tuning (team, contents, structure, methodologies, duration, place, tools, etc.).

4. Running the Program

  • Delivery of the Custom Program using different methods: lectures and experiential in class, as well as field-based learning and assistance in applying new knowledge and skills to actual scenarios. 
  • Monitoring of the program and fine-tuning during the course of the program if required.

5. Results Evaluation

  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the program, both in relation to the individual and the organization, in class and on the field, up to the point when the BEC certification is awarded following an assessment of the participants’ improvement of knowledge and behaviour.
  • Evaluation of the long-term impact on organizational change and follow-up, if needed.


The effectiveness of SDA Bocconi’s teaching methods

Ensuring that the Teaching Methods used are suitable to meet the desired objectives is critical to the success of a Custom Program. 

Individual learning is encouraged through social interaction and experimenting within the company, which allows for a re-thinking of competencies and behaviour of the individual and the organization. Social interaction and group learning processes are at the basis of positive change that is also sustainable over the long term for both companies and institutions.