Full-Time MBA

Dedicated Experts

SDA Bocconi MBA faculty are recruited based on their research, communication skills, personal charisma, academic achievements, reputation in the business community, and professional experience. The MBA is demanding for the professors, and it attracts outstanding academics, who must be ready to deal with a wide range of subjects in a context of theoretical rigour, but with constant reference to the world of management.

The SDA Bocconi faculty is well established in its research that is demanding and continuous: it is the litmus test of the vitality of an institution and its members. Often it becomes a necessary requirement for visibility and competitive ability, as well as being a guarantee of expansion and the basis for continuity at an international level. When accomplished professors interact with an excellent group of students, the result is a unique experience and a cultural legacy for the School itself.

  we have the best faculty from around the world!

Our Full Time @sdabocconi MBA Class of 2015 is graduating this morning. Congratulations and best of luck in the future guys and girls !!!
Mikkel Draebye | SDA Professor of Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management

Accounting & Control

Ariela Caglio
Angelo Ditillo
Marco Morelli
Federico Pippo
Annalisa Prencipe
Giovanni Tomasi
Laura Zoni


Federico Biagi
Francesco Daveri
Francesco Giavazzi
Marco Ottaviani
Michael Spence


Armando Borghi
Renzo Cenciarini
Maurizio Dallocchio
Alonso Pena
Stefano Rossi
Antonio Salvi
Lucilla Tealdi
Hannes Wagner

Financial Markets and Institutions

Stefano Gatti
Valter Lazzari


Sandro Castaldo
Paola Cillo
Boris Durisin
David Jarach
Emanuela Prandelli
Gaia Rubera
Gabriele Troilo

Organization & HRM

Gabriella Bagnato
Fabrizio Castellucci
Dino Ruta
Severino Salvemini

Operations and Technology Management

Enzo Baglieri
Iolanda D'Amato
Francesco Gallmann
Alberto Grando
Raffaele Secchi
Giuseppe Stabilini
Vittoria Veronesi

Organizational Behaviour

Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè

Project Management

Maurizio Poli
Marco Sampietro

Public Administration

Luca Brusati

Quantitative Methods

Alessandra Cillo
Luca Molteni

Sergio Venturini


David Bardolet
Giorgio Brandazza
Massimiliano Bruni
Luana Carcano
Mikkel Draebye
Robert Grant
Andrea Fosfuri
Dovev Lavie
Gabriella Lojacono
Alessandro Minichilli
Ferdinando Pennarola
Nader Sabbaghian
Stefania Saviolo
Marco Tortoriello
Charles Williams