Structure and Calendar

3rd edition 2018 - 2019

The MPA is an intensive, one-year full-time program beginning in October 2018. The MPA is an accredited Master which offers 70 ECTS credits.
Class activities involve a mixture of lectures and practical classes, together with group work and seminars with an emphasis on discussion and problem solving.

The course structure is as follows:

 September / October 2018
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Know your School
  • Know Yourself and your Class
  • Know your Career
  • Know your MPA
October 2018 - April 2019

Core Courses

The MPA program Core Courses are organized around three cornerstones, which represent the competence required of a global manager.

  • Managing & Innovating
  • Measuring & Evaluating
  • Leading People & Processes


  • Sharing Economy
  • Power Relations
  • Transparency in Government
  • Public Speaking
Spring 2019


  • A. City Management & Competitiveness
  • C. International Public & Non-profit Management


  • B. Business and Government Relations
  • D. Political Institutions and Public Sector Efficiency
Spring - Summer 2019


Opening Week

MPA Program starts with a one-week boot camp, during which you are asked to understand and live the essence of your forthcoming year.

Core Courses & Seminars

The MPA program is organized around three cornerstones, which represent the competence required of a global manager.


In the final months of class activities participants have the opportunity to focus their path on those specific managerial subjects congruent with their own preferences. Building on the Italian and local endowment and on the Bocconi endowment for management and gorvernance, four electives are offered during the Concentrations, allowing students to gain in-depth skills in topics of major relevance in today’s business world.

Summer Projects

MPA students are expected to use their skills in a real setting. As such, students will undertake a field project in a public or public-related organization.