Mission and learning objectives

The mission of the Master of Management in Food & Beverage is to form and prepare specialized managers, giving them the opportunity to grow with specific and unique knowledge and to strengthen their sensibility and culture in the F&B and Food Service & Hospitality industries.

The main objectives of the program are:

  • To deliver a business foundation with an entrepreneurial approach
  • To increase managerial awareness with management knowledge
  • To develop a strong understanding of the industry
  • To build a strong personal competitive advantage
  • To transfer knowledge and experience from specialized faculty members and from the most well-regarded and finest companies in the world
  • To combine the rigorous scientific and methodological strengths of a leading international business school with the Italian tradition, its values and culture and excellence recognized worldwide.

Structure and calendar

9th edition  2017

The program blends culture and methodology with lessons focused on specific knowledge and skills necessary for managing firms in food and beverage and related industries. Lessons from top academics, executives, experts and professionals are at the core, along with access to true Italian culture and heritage.
MFB is composed of core courses and extra-activities such as seminars, company presentations and visits, internship/field project/personal business project.

9-10 January 2017
Opening Ceremony
  • MFB 2017 Presentation
  • SDA Bocconi Presentation and Tour 
  • Ice Breaking
  • Team Building
  • Surfing in a Multicultural Environment
16 January - 16 February 2017
Winter Term
  • Italian Excellence
  • Crafting Strategy
  • Marketing Management
  • Organizational Structure
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Performance Management & Controlling
20-24 February 2017
Exam Week
2-23 March 2017
Spring Term - 1
  • Innovation Management
  • Operations Management
  • People Management
  • Sales Management
  • International Development
27-31 March 2017
Exam Week
3 April - 11 May 2017
Spring Term - 2
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Brand Management & Communication
  • Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Service Management
  • Retail Management & Visual Merchandising
  • Business Planning
  • Study Tour
15-19 May 2017
Exam Week
5 June - 15 September 2017
Field Project
18 September - 30 November 2017
Fall Term
  • F&B @ Restaurant
  • F&B @ Hotel
  • New Product Development
  • Food & Packaging Design
  • Sustainability
  • Agribusiness
  • Tourism
  • Study Tour
December 2017
Graduation Ceremony

This list may be subject to change, to make room for new ideas, projects or issues of emerging significance.

Meeting with Mr. Maksimovic, Stefano from @Syngenta at supply chain class @sdabocconi  #MFB7#sdabocconi #agriculture#syngenta

Opening Ceremony: Know Your School, Your Class, Your Future

The MFB Program starts with the Opening Ceremony, an introduction to the MFB program which provides students with practice in public speaking, team building, cultural diversity, group dynamics, the case study method and professional writing through a series of interactive workshops.

In addition students are given the opportunity to get acquainted with the services provided by the School (i.e. Career Service, Student Clubs, etc).

Winter Term

This is an intensive stage that provides participants with the basic knowledge and skills to work as a manager and is the longest portion of MFB. Throughout these courses, participants are asked to progress beyond the points of view and conditioning gained from their personal and professional backgrounds in order to shape a broader and richer mental attitude and experience. Methodological tools for in-depth analysis of the key concepts needed to manage a company are acquired.

In addition to core courses, in this phase participants will attend seminars and company presentations and will be involved in company visits.

Italian Excellence
The goal of the course is twofold: to give candidates an overview of the typical business models in symbolic-intensive industries (food & beverage, fashion & luxury, arts & culture) and to make students experience how an international city like Milan might leverage on symbolic industries for successful branding.

Crafting Strategy

Marketing Management

Organizational Structure



Performance Management & Controlling 

 Spring Term - 1

Innovation Management
Innovation is a key factor for the long term competitiveness of the company. Innovation takes place in many ways: new products, new services, new business models, new organizational structures. This course focuses on the new product and service development and design, that typically absorb the majority of the process of innovation of the companies.
Product development and design is a complex process. It requires a strong interaction among different areas of competence and a seamless balance among costs, timing and customers’ expectations.
The hardest managerial issue in product development and design consists today in running this process faster, cheaper and better, i.e. reducing the time to market, reducing the dedicated resources and mainly increasing the customers’ satisfaction.
The core focus of this course in on managerial tools and methodologies to achieve these challenging goals.

Operations Management

People Management

Sales Management

International Development
The course provides the comprehensive framework of the international growth patterns and strategies for F&B firms. At the end of the course the class participants will be able to evaluate and to make the following decisions: Why a firm should go abroad? How a firm should select foreign markets for its international expansion? What is the impact of cultural, legal, economic and other differences among countries on the definition and on the implementation of the international strategies? How are the internationalization decisions impacted by the tariff and non-tariff barriers? What are the key international strategies for F&B firms?

Spring Term - 2

Supply Chain Management
The course examines in detail the main processes in the field of Operations Management and Supply Chain Management, with a particular focus on the Food and Beverage Industry. The relevance of these processes is pointed out both in terms of strategy and in terms of methodologies and techniques which are necessary for a company to create a competitive advantage within its specific industry.

Brand Management & Communication
The course provides an overview of typical brand management decisions. Students will learn how to manage a brand over its life cycle, and how to manage a portfolio of brands. In particular, students will learn how to design and implement brand positioning, integrated marketing communication, and pricing strategies and tactics.

Creative Entrepreneurship
The goal of the course is to educate candidates interested in developing their own business to become real entrepreneurs.

Service Management

Retail Management & Visual Merchandising
The course covers the main topics in the sales & channel management’s role in the value delivery processes, the go to market strategies, sales force management, the key role played by retailing in the marketing process, the retailing mix, the retail planning and monitoring, the store design planning process and the visual merchandising activities.

Business Planning

Study Tour

Field Project

Field Projects developed with F&B partner companies on real, top-of-mind challenges

Fall Term

F&B @ Restaurant

F&B @ Hotel

New Product Development

Food & Packaging Design




Study Tour

Graduation Ceremony

After the period dedicated to the Field Project and the Fall Term courses, MFB participants come back for the end of the program and they finally experience their Graduation Ceremony.