Student Profile

The format of the program and the needs of the market result in the fact that only a small number of places are available in MFB each year. Those who are selected are extremely talented and motivated and the program provides the time and focus on each individual to hone and enrich their skills. 
We search for young talents who are willing and committed to become leaders and excellent managers.
To be considered for MFB, a candidate must have at least two years successful work experience.

  • "What I like most about the program is that I am able to meet and live with people from all over the world, trying to understand different cultures and ideas. In my opinion, the internationality is the real learning in this program. The theory can be learned in different ways, but living with people from all over the world like family, as if I have known them forever, is something truly great."
    Vittoria Radici | MFB 2012, Italian

  • "Hours and hours of classes and so many trips and company visits gave me the chance to be part of a strong, dynamic and international group of classmates, which helped me in expanding my personal and professional network."
    Eugenio Meloni | MFB 2010, Italian | CEO Palazzo del Moro, Milano