Master of Management in Food and Beverage

The real taste of management.

The Master of Management in Food and Beverage (MFB) is a full-time, international, one-year program that is taught entirely in English and attracts students from all over the world.
The program focuses on management of F&B and related companies, such as restaurants, hotels, resorts and advanced retailers, from an innovative and effective perspective. MFB has a multidisciplinary approach and adopts an experiential method.

Lectures by professors and guest speakers are alternated with group exercises, team and individual projects, simulations, role-playing and case study analysis. You will have many Q&A sessions on contemporary issues the industry faces now and in their perceived future.

MFB regards management as a unique recipe that requires many carefully-measured ingredients, including strong theoretical and practical knowledge, vision, drive, determination and the ability to identify opportunities and bring together people, cultures and traditions.




MFB is the Master for you if

  • You aspire to take up a managerial role in the intriguing field of Food & Beverage and related industries
  • You want to discover how to be successful in restaurant and hotel business
  • You need to be more specialized in order to progress in your career
  • You want the opportunity to interact with international leaders in this sector
  • You are ready for the challenge of a specialized and intense business program
  • You are ready for an innovative curriculum from an internationally recognized School of Management.

What MFB can offer you

  • Solid foundations in management, including practical, creative and professional skills
  • Strong knowledge to operate successfully in the F&B sector, a market that is an important part of the global economy
  • Direct contact with excellent companies and their leaders, who are often guest speakers on the program
  • A dynamic environment, a focus on the global market and a multidisciplinary approach
  • An exceptional faculty, involving worldwide recognized Partners, top executives and managers who will provide their specific professional knowledge and perspective.

Barilla Good4 Start Up the Future Competiton

The Barilla Group, in collaboration with SDA Bocconi School of Management and the Speed MI Up Incubator has launched a call for young and innovative ideas for the food sector, aimed at promoting sustainable development for present and future generations.
The initiative is addressed to young people under the age of 30 from all over the world. Access the website and download the official Call for ideas.

Within the 4 available categories, Good4 our Knowledge is the Master of Management in Food & Beverage-related category, whose projects should aim at communicating the importance of food culture among people in general, and the younger generations in particular, in order to support mindful and sustainable nutrition.
Within this category 3 financial aids will be awarded consisting of:
• A one-off contribution of € 15,000.00 to start up the project;
• Full MFB tuition waiver.

Benefits of choosing MFB

A specialized Faculty

The strongest commitment of the Master of Management in Food & Beverage is to combine a significant foundation and methodology of management with business skills and a deeper knowledge in relation to the F&B industries as well as restaurant, food service and hospitality business.
The specialized experience of our Faculty, partners, professional faculty members and guest speakers from the F&B business community, together with the Italian culture and heritage make this objective uniquely achievable.
The MFB Faculty will exploit the techniques and methods of SDA Bocconi guiding you through a path of personal and professional development.


The industry commitment

MFB benefits from the participation of executives and top managers from more than 50 international companies in F&B production and distribution, as well as food service and hospitality business, both from large multinational companies and the top Italian companies.

In addition, the program benefits from the collaboration of well-known institutions, foundations and associations, industry leaders recognized worldwide, such as Altagamma, the Italian Foundation of high-end firms.

Sponsors & Partners

The direction of your Career

In today's Food & Beverage industries, it is increasingly important to have a strong managerial approach and a well-developed entrepreneurial sensitivity to fulfill crucial positions, such as Brand & Product Manager, Export/ Import Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Communications Manager, Area Manager and Marketing Manager, Product and Business Developer, just to name a few.

Milano, a taste of Italy

The SDA Bocconi MFB is the only management program to offer a rounded education in Food & Beverage, along with the finest Italy has to offer, to support business and entrepreneurship in this field. Choosing SDA Bocconi and coming to Milano means choosing a vibrant environment, the entrepreneurial, financial and industrialized center of Italy, a gateway to Europe. And Milano, of course, is culture, fashion, design, food and the art of living.

In addition, in 2015 Milano will host the Expo, where the entire world will discuss about "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life".


A great place to network

MFB offers students the opportunity to attend fairs and events, as well as company visits and trips to locations across Italy, providing access to a strong international network with the most exciting firms of the Food, Beverage and Hospitality industries for you to develop relationships for future collaboration.

Networking will start on day one of the program and continue throughout your career. Your network will include a top-level faculty that is also an important partner of many leading companies, senior executives and managers, all of whom can boast specialized knowledge in this sector and bring new perspectives. Last but not least, your passionate fellow students and alumni will make up an important part of your network.


Meeting with Mrs. Occulti, Chiara, brand portfolio director from @Luxottica @sdabocconi #italianexcellence #sunglasses #eyewear


"I decided to attend MFB because I felt I needed to improve my business and managerial skills. Due to my previous agricultural studies and my love for the food industry, the MFB course was perfect for me.”
Vittoria Radici | MFB 2012, Italian

"All in all, I chose this program to help me make a career change into the Food & Beverage sector, and so far I think it has been the right choice by providing me with the exact in-depth and specialized knowledge that will allow me to make this transition with ease."
Kariman Sayer Dayer | MFB 2012, Egyptian

"A few months into the program, I can gladly say that the Master has lived up to my expectations. From a learning perspective, the program is well-rounded, providing candidates with both managerial skills and technical knowledge needed to become better professionals. The standards in terms of operational excellence that are set by this master clearly represent the industry's best practices. These are the reasons why I highly recommend this Master to anyone interested in taking their career to the next level within this industry."
Jean Guillaume Marquaire | MFB 2012, French

"No matter what happens to the world in the next 10,20 or 50 years, the F&B industry will never become obsolete and skilled and insightful managers with a deep understanding of the industry will always be in demand. This was my primary reason for joining MFB."
Katerina Golianych | MFB 2011, Ukrainian | Marketing and PR Durector for Aroma Espresso Bars, Ukraine