13 July 2017

Fundraising in Paestum, the winning Bet of a MAMA alumna

Having an enormous artistic and historical heritage to promote, it would simply be one of the most resilient national clichés and unrealized hopes if something hadn’t actually started to happen. A new culture in heritage management is finally making its way into our country. Thanks also to virtuous locations such as the Paestum Archaeological Park and its innovative projects to guarantee the economic sustainability of the structure.

05 July 2017

Indian Railways. Ready, start, go.

For the third year SDA Bocconi is very proud to welcome the Divisional Railway managers from Indian Railways, who will attend the Indian Railways Leadership Program, a tailor-made executive education journey designed by SDA Bocconi.
30 Divisional Railway managers from Indian Railways are involved in a very active and challenging learning experience, based on company visits across Italy, guest speakers' lectures, face to face training, case study analysis and discussion.

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