Wednesday, 6 May 2015

MCF, the value of a “Pure Finance” education

Interview with Alberto Dell'Acqua, the new Director of the Master in Corporate Finance.

His career seems to coincide with the evolution of the educational needs in the world of Finance. In his new role of Director of MCF, the Master in Corporate Finance at SDA Bocconi School of Management, Alberto Dell'Acqua has found the perfect synthesis between his academic and his professional career. He is the perfect person to talk to about the features and advantages offered by this post-graduate program.

Which paths have led you to take on the direction of this important Master’s program geared to the future professionals in the financial sector? And how do you feel in your new role?

My career developed along two main tracks, which coincide with the two souls of a Master’s degree such as MCF. On one hand, my academic track: after a degree in Business Administration at Bocconi and a Ph.D. in Corporate Finance, I specialized in Quantitative Finance at an Australian University. On the other hand there was my professional career: after gaining experience at various financial advisory firms, dealing with mergers and acquisitions, I founded my own corporate finance advisory firm with other partners, consolidating my skills in M&A, evaluation, private equity and venture capital.
I feel very good in my new role with the MCF, as I’ve known the program since its inception: in the year 2000, its 1st year, I was a teacher’s assistant. In the 3rd year I started to teach and handle some business games. After that I held whole courses. In other words, I feel at home. And it is of course an honor for me, and a source of pride, to be directing the Master’s program now.

Can you please tell us the reasons why to sign up for the MCF in 2015 is a good investment in one’s future? Are there statistical indicators regarding the efficacy of such a choice?

There are three main reasons. Firstly, it is a master’s program that focuses 100% on financial topics, it doesn’t cover general management, which is less of a requirement for a career in financial institutions or the financial departments of big companies.
Secondly, the MCF has ties with the Anglo-Saxon world and a considerable international prospect: thanks to a collaboration with Fordham University in New York, SDA Bocconi MCF students are offered the opportunity to complete their education and obtain a double degree by joining Fordham University’s GBA Master of Science in Global Finance (MSGF). MCF candidates admitted to the International Collaborative Program will receive both Masters' degrees, by taking three intensive-format courses in New York at the end of the program (in July 2016). A third valuable element is that the Master’s will take place in Milano, “The Place to Be” in 2015 according to The New York Times. In addition to the city’s traditional financial appeal, Expo 2015 brings in international renown. Placement statistics also confirm that the MCF is a great investment in one’s future: last year, 95% of the participants got a job in the financial sector within a year of finishing the program.

What’s new in the 2015 edition of the MCF?

There are innovations in line with MCF’s educational vision: we have new advanced courses on global finance hot topics such as private equity & venture capital, tax & finance, corporate financial structuring, international finance, and portfolio management. Participants can thus choose from three different clusters: they can specialize in managerial finance, in structured finance and risk management, or in quantitative finance. Our objective has always been to offer highly specialized skills and to be constantly up-to-date on the needs of the market.

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