Full-Time MBA
Duration months12
Average age29
Average experience5
Class size90-100 in 2 sections
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Global Executive MBA
Duration months20
Average age37
Average experience11
Class size20-25
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Executive MBA
Duration months21
Average age37
Average experience11
Class size45-50
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Evening Executive MBA
Duration months20
Average age35
Average experience10
Class size50
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4 MBAs to build your future.

"Milano's creative atmosphere, combined with the pragmatic academic legacy of the SDA Bocconi School of Management, make the Full-Time MBA a unique blend in the molding of tomorrow's leaders."

Gianmario Verona | Full-Time MBA Director


"Choosing the Global Executive MBA means choosing the world as your place of work. As the business world changes at a rapid pace, the program stays current by leveraging its strong ties with both the business community and academic research."
Maurizio Poli | Global Executive MBA Director


"The value of doing is a requirement for anyone wanting to compete in a global and challenging labor market. The EMBA is the ‘doing’ - preparing you to be ready to take on new challenges. It is an opportunity to give direction to your career as well as enhance your leadership and managerial style."
Giovanni Tomasi | Executive MBA Director


"Strategic vision, a global perspective, knowledge of all the business processes, an appetite for change and innovation, an understanding of complex scenarios and how to interpret the weakest signals, a development of their relationship and leadership capabilities: these are the principle contributions that the EMBAS offers those who seek to grow professionally and in life."
Enzo Baglieri
| Evening Executive MBA Director


SDA Bocconi School of Management offers 4 MBA Programs, each presenting a different combination of language, duration, structure and format Full-Time or Executive, but all designed to transform your life, both personally and professionally.

Choosing to go back to studying once you have started working is a challenge that tests your determination, ambition and skills, as you re-focus your mind onto new goals.

SDA Bocconi offers a choice of 4 MBAs, so whether your goal is to have a more international career, strengthen your skills, give more value to your talent or invest in your future, there is a program that can allow you to do so.

Here you will find the brochures of our 4 MBA Programs. Select and download the one you are interested in.


Second place at the VCIC for our MBAs

Another remarkable result for our MBA students, as SDA Bocconi comes second at the latest edition of the Venture Capital Investment Competition.

Held in the beautiful city of Barcelona, the competition saw the best Business Schools in Europe go head to head, offering...

Country Profiles: China

Full-Time MBA students launched this new initiative leveraging on the high number of nationalities in their class. Last March 17, our Chinese students community organised a presentation on China...



SDA Bocconi in China

Click here for an overview of the MBAs and International Master Programs designed for the Chinese market

  • Antonello Forgione

    Scientific Director - AIMS Academy, Italy; Surgeon - Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital, Italy

    GEMBA 2010 - GEMBA
  • Susanne Ritterhaus

    Head of Planning & Performance Controlling - Siemens Enterprise Communications, Italy

    GEMBA 2010 - GEMBA
  • Bjoern Kuse

    Consultant, Bain & Company, Italy

    FTMBA 2011 - MBA
  • Konstantin Hemmelrath

    Business Management Program, Adidas, Germany

    FTMBA 2011 - MBA