Structure and Calendar

10th edition 2017 - 2018

High achievement through academic pathways

Program comprehensiveness is a key factor that ambitious individuals often cite as their decision to pursue the SDA Bocconi Global EMBA.

The School has gathered its vast expertise in Executive education to deliver a remarkable program dedicated to experience molding.

Traveling towards success

As a Global EMBA student, you will travel towards success over a period of twenty months, taking eight highly concentrated one-week modules plus two nine-day modules conducted every other month.

One-week modules run from Monday through Saturday while long modules run from Friday to Saturday of the following week.

This is a format that maximizes learning opportunities into a compact amount of time. Four modules are conducted at four partner schools:

This format enhances thinking through a cross-cultural context and, more importantly, this diversity of locations channels interactions with various industries. We also create an environment for participants to gain tangible insights into how management theories and practices manifest in different business settings.
During the first year, the GEMBA core Program will be a series of focused and relevant courses that provide a strong foundation of fundamental business skills, making up a substantive portion of your academic experience at SDA Bocconi.
During the second year, you are rerouted on a destination towards advanced topics. The value of such courses is fostered by electives, both at SDA Bocconi in Milano and at international partner schools. The trip is not over yet. The Open Ended Module directly relates to the foundation of the SDA Bocconi approach: innovative applicability. This module allows participants to focus their Global EMBA experience in order to be a catalyst of change within their domain of operation.

Day 1 underway! This is my life, the next 20 months. #gemba @sdabocconi
Andrew Gigax


YEAR 1 - 2017
Fundamentals of Management

Module 1
  • Building Fundamentals
Module 2
  • Finance and Financial Markets
Module 3
  • Developing Innovation
Module 4
  • Sales & Operations
Module 5
  • Strategy & Organization


YEAR 2 - 2018
Advanced Topics

Module 6
  • Marketing and Growth
Ann Arbor
Module 7
  • Digital Transformations
Module 8
  • Going Global
Milano or Partner Schools
July to October
Module 9
  • Electives
Module 10
  • Corporate Governance & Sustainability



A set of online courses with the aim of providing students with a common knowledge set before starting some specific courses.


Fundamentals of Management

The GEMBA curriculum for the first year consists of a series of focused and relevant core courses that provide fundamental knowledge and analytical tools to establish a common foundation in the practices of business.


Advanced Topics

The GEMBA second year builds on the knowledge acquired during the first year: students move towards more advanced topics and are offered tools to study and understand the positioning of an organization into economic, financial and social environments.



Elective Courses, abroad or at SDA Bocconi, enable you to customize your studies according to your own goals. By choosing an elective, participants personalize their study plan.