Class Profile

The SDA Bocconi Global EMBA is looking for excellent and diverse profiles, as we put high-value on diversity because it adds extraordinary energy to the class.

There are no restrictions on sex, age, origin, degree or professional experience.
Approximately twenty to twenty-five students enter the Global Executive MBA each year. Students will have varying academic and professional backgrounds and will have a mix of abilities and attitudes that allow them to successfully complete the program.

Who is the typical student?

A typical MBA student is inquisitive and enthusiastic person who knows how to listen, concentrate and get involved. A person who is intuitive with a good academic background and advanced knowledge of English.

Participants will have several years of work experience, in any field, and be willing to grow as a manager and as a person, to make a mark in professional life and in society through new opportunities, responsibilities and ethical values. 

Student Profile - Last Editions

If you reach the unreachable, you will be unreachably rich #GEMBAmoments#sdabocconi #mymbaclassisbetterthanyours
Jennifer Epting, American | GEMBA 2014
  • "The class itself was a great learning experience with class mates from around the world, contributing know-how in the class that enhanced the understanding of the subject. I ended up having a great network of friends and professionals from Europe."

    Vikas Galhotra| American
    Program Manager, Product Engineering Leader in MEMS/NEMS
    Incoming Exchange Student 2013, UCLA Anderson School of Management