The Corporate Division (DIM) allows client companiesto develop two main kinds of skills:

  • Personal skills – such as attitude, behavior, approach and mentality – which are not specific
    to any job function or industry sector;
  • Professional skills, which relate to the ability to fulfill a managerial role, whether at
    operational or executive level.

The School’s academic offering focuses on the development of both types of skills, equipping
professionals with operational/functional and managerial/transferable skills. The programs can
also be designed to develop other skills based on the needs of the individual organizations.

Winning formulae

The Corporate Division (DIM) has developed a number of Custom Programs that have proven to be
particularly effective, including:

  • Academy – a continuing education program suitable for a variety of industry sectors, which
    allows professionals to keep their knowledge up-to-date over time. This is achieved mainly
    through a combination of lessons, research projects, field projects, games and forums.
  • Top Management Retreat – short, residential seminars organized exclusively for board
    members; an opportunity to discuss strategies and the overall business organization.
  • Talent Development Program – a managerial development program aimed at talented
    young professionals that have shown the potential to progress to more senior roles. This
    program includes assessments and tests.
  • What’s new? – a seminar that looks at new sector and market trends, as well as emerging
  • Workshop – a chance to analyze and share views on topics that are strategically relevant
    for client companies; these workshops can also be held as part of national or international
  • Master su Misura (Custom Masters) – a program designed around the specific needs of
    large companies that have institutional relevance.
  • Sharing the vision – a highly customized program, which is based on an organization’s new
    strategic plan and aimed at facilitating its implementation through the development of new
  • Programma per non specialisti (Program for non-specialists) – an introductory seminar
    on topics that do not pertain to the attendants’ job functions (e.g. Finance for non-financial
    managers, Strategic Marketing for Executives, etc.)
  • Study Tour – an opportunity to discover how some of the most successful Italian
    companies operate through a combination of lectures and visits, as well as the opportunity to
    talk to senior managers.