Sep 2021 09:00
Sep 2021

UNECE-SDA BOCCONI EVENT | Accelerating action for the sustainable and circular garment and footwear industry of the future

Harnessing the potential of innovation for due diligence and informed consumers’ choices

Format Face to face
Language ENGLISH
Location SDA Bocconi, via Sarfatti 10

The event, “Accelerating action for the sustainable and circular garment and footwear industry of the future” is the culmination of several years of work with hundreds of experts to improve sustainability in the garment and footwear sector. Organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Monitor for Circular Fashion, Sustainability Lab of SDA Bocconi School of Management, the event will coincide with the Milan Fashion Week. Over the three days, industry stakeholders will gather to share findings and take part in practical trainings on approaches and standards for improved transparency and traceability that can drive progress towards circular economic models.


In addition, two new initiatives will be presented:


    • The Sustainability Pledge a new UN-brokered package of policy recommendations, guidelines and standard that, when implemented, enables industry actors to track and trace their products through the value chain and so make verifiable claims about their sustainability. A number of leading brands and industry actors are taking part in blockchain pilot projects to implement the UNECE toolbox.
    • The Circular Fashion Manifesto from SDA Bocconi’s Sustainability Lab Monitor for Circular Fashion powered by Enel X which has recently produced ground-breaking research that will be presented at the opening of the event. Partner companies of the Monitor will join the UNECE Call to Action by committing to specific Key Performance Indicators to measure the traceability, transparency and circularity performance of their products and processes.




Day 1 – 21 September 2021

The policy model

      • Institutional introduction
      • Module 0: The UNECE initiative for transparency and traceability of sustainable value chains in the garment and footwear sector
      • Module 1: Policy recommendations
      • Module 2: Scaling-up: -the Toolbox and the Sustainability Pledge
        • UNECE Call to Action – The Sustainability Pledge and SDA Bocconi Circular Fashion Manifesto
        • SDA Bocconi Monitor for Circular Fashion 2021 powered by Enel X:
          research findings (highlights from brands, ingredient brands, upstream actors, tech providers)


      • Module 3: Principles and components of a traceability system
      • Module 4: Making traceability and transparency, sustainability and circularity work for small actors and vulnerable groups


Day 2 – 22 September 2021

The business and data model

      • Module 5: Formulation and implementation of a traceability and transparency action plan
      • Module 6: The business process analysis (BPA) for sustainable and circular textile and leather value chain
      • Module 7: The business and data model, the use cases and core components business data assembly (CCBDA) structures


Day 3 – 23 September 2021

The technology model

    • Module 8: The Technology model for traceability, transparency and due diligence in textile and leather
    • The UNECE blockchain pilots and systems for the cotton and leather value chains
      • Closing Ceremony




An event of:



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