Jan 2019 13:30 - 14:15

Full-Time MBA Lunch&Learn Talk - Sustainability Targets and Executive Pay: the Oil&Gas Industry Case

Format Online
Language ENGLISH
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This is your chance to deeply connect with SDA Bocconi by attending online the live webcast of an MBA lunchtime seminar. We are providing this opportunity for prospective candidates to further understand the SDA Bocconi MBA Community and get a feeling for the real class atmosphere, while being part of informal, yet informed, talks on the 'event of the day'.
That’s what Lunch&Learn Talks stand for: flexible opportunities to learn from real-life cases and accommodate unexpected turn of events with powerful managerial consequences.

Lunch&Learn Talk with Roberto Nava e Peter Parry:"Sustainability Targets and Executive Pay: the Oil&Gas Industry Case"

31 January, 13:30 - 14:15 (CET)

Keynote Speakers
Roberto Nava - Partner, Bain
Peter Parry - Head, Global Oil & Gas, Bain

If you have any questions  about the SDA Bocconi MBA Program and Admissions process, or if you would like to arrange a visit to SDA Bocconi or an Orientation Meeting, please send an email after the live webcast to md@sdabocconi.it.

We look forward to having you join this session and introducing you to the SDA Bocconi MBA world.

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