Executive MBA: I Protagonisti si Raccontano (in Italian)

Jun 2019 19:30 - 21:30

Presso TIM Academy, Via Angelo Emo, 13F

Info Session
Your opportunity to learn more about the SDA Bocconi Executive MBA Program - Modular Format (offered in Milan) and Weekend Format (offered in Rome and Milan) - and interact with EMBA Director and Coordinator also at at our Rome premises.
Watch the EMBA Director's presentation (live-streamed from Milan at our Rome premises,) together with the EMBA Coordinator, who will then be available to answer all your questions and help you discover if the Executive MBA fits your profile and interests.

To deepen your knowledge of the SDA Bocconi Executive MBA and its Modular and Weekend Formats, and learn how to increase your personal value and expand your professional horizons and networks.

Keynote Speakers

Live streaming from Milan, h 7:30 - 8:30 pm
Enzo Baglieri,  Executive MBA Director (Modular and Weekend Formats)
Laura Boninsegni, Europe Business Finance Leader, Hexion, EMBA 2016

Live at our Rome Premises, from 8:30 pm
Q&A with the audience
Renata Trinca Colonel,  Executive MBA Coordinator (Modular and Weekend Formats)

Keynote Speakers

Renata Trinca Colonel
(Live - Roma)
Executive MBA Coordinator (Weekend and Modular Formats)
Enzo Baglieri
(Live Streaming - Milano)
Executive MBA Director (Weekend and Modular Formats)

Event Location

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