European space companies and global competitiveness: how finance can intervene

Business and financial solutions for small and medium space enterprises to face the global challenges posed by the evolution of the space economy.

Nov 2020 18:30 - 19:30

The webinar focuses on small and medium size European space companies’ strategies and the role of the financial industry in bolstering their competitiveness.


  • What strategies and financing mechanisms can support the economic and sustainable growth of small and medium commercial endeavors beyond the European industrial policies and procurement structures?

  • Is it possible to assume a private internationalization strategy that leads to a diversification of the customer base besides the European public and private demand?

  • Is it possible to assume a consolidation
    process through merger & acquisition (M&A) operations to create “new space champions” (in particular, in the upstream segment) capable to compete in the international market?


The event is free upon registration.

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