#EMBAROMA - Scenari industriali ed e​conomici: come rendere distintivo il tuo profilo manageriale

Feb 2020 11:00 - 13:30

Presso TIM Academy, Via Angelo Emo, 13F

Open Day

A presentation event introducing the SDA Bocconi Executive MBA, Weekend Fomat, Rome edition. Don't miss the opportuinity to delve deeper into the key features of a forward-looking program, while exchanging ideas with the EMBA Director and Team on cutting-edge issues such as: 


  • dynamic developments of the main industrial sectors in light of the overall changes in technology and macroeconomics 
  • essential hard e soft skills to stand out in the next ten years' professional scenarios 



TIM Academy, Via Angelo Emo, 13F, 00136, Roma RM




11.00 am  - 11.30 am 
Industrial and Economic Scenarios: the Future of Economy
Enzo Baglieri, PhD - EMBA Director

11.30 am - 12.00 noon
Key features of the  SDA Boccon Executive MBA, Weekend Fomat: a forward-looking curriculum
Renata Trinca Colonel, EMBA Coordinator


12.00 noon - 12.15 pm
Career Services and Professional Networking: the Added Values of the EMBA Weeekend Experience
Enzo Baglieri, PhD - EMBA Director


12.15 pm - 12.30 pm
The Admissions Process
Paula Rotaru, Recruiting & Admissions Service


12.30 pm - 13.30 pm


Orientation Meeting

If you have specific questions about our MBA programs, and think that an individual informative discussion would be beneficial, please go to the event registration form and complete the One-2-One Informational Interview box.

We look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to the SDA Bocconi MBA's world.



Keynote Speakers:

Enzo Baglieri
EMBA Director
Renata Trinca Colonel
EMBA Coordinator

Event Location