Nov 2019 11:00 - 18:00

#EMBAROMA:le novità 2020 del programma EMBA Weekend edizione Roma

Format Face to face
Language ITALIAN
Location Roma

c/o TIM Academy, Via Angelo Emo, 13F

Your opportunity to learn more about the SDA Bocconi Executive MBA and interact with the Director and the Coordinator. Special Focus on the Rome edition of the EMBA Weekend. You will discover that #EMBAROMA is closer than ever to your needs and expectations.

You will be able to ask all your questions, get live answers and discover why #EMBAROMA is the right fit for you, to find a sustainable balance between life and profession, while being part of the SDA Bocconi network.

To deepen your knowledge of the SDA Bocconi Executive MBA and learn how to increase your personal value and expand your professional horizons and networks.

11am - 1pm
#EMBAROMA: le novità 2020 del programma EMBA Weekend edizione Roma

Keynote Speakers
Enzo Baglieri, EMBA Director
Renata Trinca Colonel, EMBA Coordinator
Andrea Burnelli, EMBA 2019
Domingo Cozzani, EMBAWE 2019
Annarita D'Urso, EMBAWE 2019

Orientation Meetings
2pm - 6pm 
If you have specific questions about our MBA programs and think that an individual orientation meeting may be useful, register and fill in the Orientation interview box


Keynote Speakers:

Enzo Baglieri
EMBA Director
Renata Trinca Colonel
EMBA Coordinator

Event Location