Mumbai, New Delhi, Beijing, Milano
8 Lakhs*
Calendario: mag 6, 2019 - set 30, 2019 (6 settimane)

Asia is acknowledged as one of the fastest growing economies and it is characterized by a rich cultural heritage. This represents a huge opportunity for the development of the social, economic and human capital.

The International Program in Arts Management (IPAM) is a specialized program designed for practitioners and students from all over the world with a specific interest in the Asian art and cultural environment but open to learning about the international best practices. IPAM aims to support artistic innovation and cultural development worldwide, by strengthening the leadership and management skills required for prospering in an arts organization through conceptual learning and practical exposure.

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What IPAM offers
  • Strong foundation in management, including practical, creative and professional skills
  • Specific knowledge to operate successfully in the arts and culture sector
  • Direct contact with top Italian, Indian and Chinese arts organizations and their managers’. Thanks to their continuous cooperation and our strong ties
  • A stimulating environment focused on the international market with a multidisciplinary approach
  • A dedicated international faculty, highly qualified and competent in the arts management and arts market
  • A unique opportunity to connect and work with people from diverse background, intellectual level and exposure
Tuition Waivers

SDA Bocconi made available 3 full merit-based tuition waivers to IPAM candidates with outstanding profiles.


Tuition waivers are awarded on the basis of merit to candidates with an outstanding profile. Admission to the program is independent of the awarding of any scholarship or tuition waiver. 


Tuition Waivers in collaboration with JSW Foundation





Sangita Jindal
Chairperson – JSW Foundation

"Arts and culture organizations are critical for the development of individuals and societies. It is of utmost importance to support the growth and sustainability of such organizations through skilled professionals, making sure that the effective conservation of heritage and production of art is paired with accessibility and outreach, to increase the their impact and enlarge their audiences. IPAM represents an opportunity for young professionals and cultural institutions to gain specific skills and competencies in the management of the arts."


Andrea Rurale

Participation fee
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The total tuition fee for the 2019 program is 8 Lakhs (including taxes).

*Indian participants may apply for tuition waivers covering 25% of the fee. Tuition waivers are awarded to eligible candidates on the basis of personal merit.


Scholarships & Tuition Waivers


SDA Bocconi made available 3 full merit-based tuition waivers to IPAM candidates with outstanding profiles.




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