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The medical device sector is undergoing significant change in Europe with the new Medical Device Regulation ready for implementation and HTA Regulation under discussion. This complex and rapidly evolving environment poses important challenges at all stages of the lifecycle of medical devices. What are the immediate consequences of the introduction of the new European Regulations (MDR, HTA)? How is the HTA of medical devices evolving at European level? What clinical and economic evidence needs to be generated? How, when and by whom should it be evaluated? Will digital technologies (mHealth) be evaluated with the same methods and processes as medical devices? Will the methods of purchasing medical devices change (innovation procurement)? Will reimbursement policies include innovative formulations (bundled payment)? These are some of the questions that the course aims at answering through the alternation of theoretical lessons, concrete case studies and video-interviews with the main actors of the system. The course is shaped by a faculty team with consolidated theoretical and practical experience in the medical device sector and several key opinion leaders from European organizations.


Skype Chat with the Direction
Please write to the course Directors to book your place and arrange your time slot.
Ludovica Borsoi, Ludovica Borsoi, SDA Junior Lecturer, Government, Health and Not for Profit – Program Director - Skype ID: ludovica.borsoi, mail:
Rosanna Tarricone, SDA Associate Dean, Government, Health and Not for Profit – Program Director - Skype ID: Rox697, mail:

Program Agenda
3,5 days
4 hours

3,5 days (4 hours in Distance Learning + 3 days face-to-face):


Distance Learning*: 4 hours between 4 October to 3 November 2021

Face-to-Face: 18-20 October 2021


*Distance learning (DL) identifies an individual independent activity: it refers to an asynchronous learning mode that provides access to training tools, business cases and materials on an e-learning platform. The hours indicated are the expected average commitment for this part of the course. Participants will be able to organize their schedule themselves based on their own availability, but must stay within the specified time frame.

What you'll be working on
What you'll be working on
  • Understanding how the medical device sector will be impacted by the new European Regulations
  • Understanding the challenges of evidence generation and evaluation throughout the lifecycle of medical devices: which, when and how
  • Identifying key stakeholders preferences (e.g. industry, patients) and their impact on evidence generation
  • Discussing current status and future trajectories of HTA of medical devices in Europe
  • Understanding how to measure the value of digital technologies
  • Discussing frontier health policies to manage innovation: value-based procurement, payment and pricing

All topics will be illustrated through actual case studies and supported by interventions from key opinion leaders from European organizations.


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Who is it for

The course is designed for professionals working in the medical device industry, healthcare providers, healthcare purchasers, healthcare professionals, regulatory bodies, HTA bodies, consulting firms, research centres and patient organizations interested in improving their understanding of the complexities of the sector and the key elements to successfully overcome current and future challenges.

“New regulatory frameworks, changing competitive environment and evolving health needs: these are some of the most compelling challenges that stakeholders in the medical device sector have to face. The course will explore the conditions and tools that can make the difference to succeed in a rapidly evolving environment, bringing together a faculty and international key opinion leaders with consolidated experience in the medtech sector.” 


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Rosanna Tarricone

“The medical device sector is experiencing continuous and rapid development. Keeping pace with advances in this complex ecosystem is essential in order to foster innovation and, ultimately, to improve patients’ health. The course will tackle the most urgent issues in this ever-changing environment, and will be an opportunity to share viewpoints and concrete experiences in an international context.”  


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Ludovica Borsoi
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The final deadline for enrollment is 14 September 2021. Enrollment requests are reviewed on a rolling basis, and those received after the final deadline may not be considered.

A 10% reduction on the program fee is offered to applications sent in by 5 September 2021.


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At the end of the program a participation certificate will be issued to the participants (minimum required frequency: 80% of training hours).

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