Curriculum Vitae

April 1991: Ph.D, Department of Economics, Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA.

October 1986: Master of Arts (Economics), New York University, New York, USA.

January 1984: Laurea (Economics & Business), University of Genoa, Italy.

Diploma 1982: Music Conservatory “Niccolò Paganini”, Genoa, Italy (flute) 


Posizione accademica e/o professionale

Docente Ordinario di Management e Tecnologia

2004-today Professor, Department of Management & Technology, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

2001-2004 Professor, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy

1992-2001 Associate Professor, University of Urbino, Urbino, Italy


Aree di interesse e di ricerca

  • Strategia
  • Innovazione
  • Economia e gestione delle imprese


Articoli su riviste (selezione)

  • The Economic Value of Patent Portfolios (con D. Harhoff e B. Verspagen), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, in corso di pubblicazione
  • The User Innovation Paradigm: Implications for Markets and Welfare (con C. Raasch e E. Von Hippel), Management Science, in corso di pubblicazione, disponibile open access a
  • Using, Blocking, and Sleeping Patents: Empirical Evidence from a Large Inventor Survey (con S. Torrisi, P. Giuri, D. Harhoff, K. Hoisl e M. Mariani), Research Policy, 2016
  • Bribery and Investment: Firm-Level Evidence from Africa and Latin America (con A. Birhanu e G. Valentini), Strategic Management Journal, 2016 ... guarda il video abstract
  • Using What You Know: Patented Knowledge and Incumbent Firms in Employee Entrepreneurship (con M. Ganco e F. Honorè), Organization Science, 2015 
  • Bibliometric Evaluation and Informed Peer Review: Evidence from Italy (con G. Bertocchi, T. Jappelli C. Nappi, F. Peracchi), Research Policy, 2015
  • Strategic Incentives to Human Capital (con C. Panico, G. Valentini), Strategic Management Journal, 2015 ... guarda il video abstract
  • On the Management of Open Innovation (con C.Panico), Research Policy, 2014
  • Learning to Be Edison: Inventors, Organizations and Breakthrough Inventions (con R.Conti e M.Mariani), Organization Science, 2014
  • The Economic Value of Patented inventions: Thoughts and Open Questions, International Journal of Industrial Organizations, 2013
  • Research on Markets for Inventions and Implications for R&D Allocation Strategies (con R.Conti e E.Novelli), Academy of Management Annals, 2013
  • General Technological Capabilities, Product Market Fragmentation, and Markets for Technology (con M.Giarratana), Research Policy, 2013
  • Technology Push and Demand Pull Perspectives in Innovation Studies: Current Findings and Future Research Directions (con G.Di Stefano e G.Verona), Research Policy, 2012
  • Localized Knowledge Spillovers and Skill-Biased Performance" (con M.Giarratana), Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 2010
  • Ideas for Rent: An Overview of Markets for Technology (con A.Arora), Industrial and Corporate Change, 2010
  • Business-Model Innovation, General Purpose Technologies, Specialization and Industry Change (con A.McGahan), Long Range Planning, 2010
  • How and When Should Companies Retain their Human Capital? Contracts, Incentives, and Human Resource Implications (con M.Giarratana e C.Panico), Industrial and Corporate Change, 2010
  • Organizational Attributes and the Distribution of Rewards in a Region: Managerial Firms vs Knowledge Clusters (con M.Giarratana), Organization Science, 2010
  • A Breadth of Fresh Air: Firm Type, Scale and Selection Effects in Drug Development (con A.Arora, L.Magazzini e F.Pammolli), Management Science, 2009
  • How Provincial is Your Region? Openness and Regional Performance in Europe (con M.Mariani e S.Torrisi), Regional Studies, 2009
  • The Value of European Patents (con D.Harhoff e B.Verspagen), European Management Review, 2008
  • The Market for Patents in Europe (con P.Giuri e A.Luzzi), Research Policy, 2007
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  • Old Economy Inputs for New Economy Outputs: Cluster Formation in the New Silicon Valles (con T.Bresnahan e A.Saxenian), Industrial and Corporate Change, 2001
  • Specialised Technology Suppliers, International Spillovers and Investments: Evidence from the Chemical Industry (con A.Arora e A.Fosfuri), Journal of Development Economics, 2001
  • Domestic Markets and International Competitiveness: Generic and Product Specific Competencies in the Engineering Sector (con A.Arora), Strategic Management Journal, 1997
  • Evaluating Technological Information and Utilizing It (con A.Arora), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 1994
  • The Changing Technology of Technical Change: General and Abstract Knowledge and the Division of Innovative Labour (con A.Arora), Research Policy, 1994
  • Competitive Advantages from In-house Basic Research, Research Policy, 1992
  • Complementarity and External Linkages: The Strategies of the Large Firms in Biotechnology (con A.Arora), Journal of Industrial Economics, 1990

Libri (principali)

  • Innovazione e Sviluppo: Miti da Sfatare, Realtà da Costruire, Egea, 2009
  • From Underdog to Tigers: The Rise of the Software Industry in Some Emerging Economies (a cura di, con A.Arora), Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005
  • Building High-Tech Clusters: Silicon Valley and Beyond (a cura di, con T. Bresnahan), Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press, 2004
  • Markets for Technology: The Economics of Innovation and Corporate Strategy, (con A.Arora e A. Fosfuri), Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 2001
  • Science and Innovation: The US Pharmaceutical Industry in the 1980s, Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press, 1995



Data will never replace entirely the intuition of managers, but rigorous frameworks for making these decisions supports and complements good intuitions.

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