MBA class: Technology and Innovation Management (in inglese)

mar 2020 12:00 - 13:30
Online Class

La tua opportunità di collegarti con SDA Bocconi per seguire la diretta web di una vera open class MBA. Potrai così sentirti parte della Community MBA di SDA Bocconi e vivere dall'interno l'atmosfera d'aula, i modelli didattici e i processi di apprendimento.


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Full-Time MBA Class on Technology and Innovation Management

Learning from First Mover failures
AmazonFresh: Rekindling the Online Grocery Market

Groceries represent the largest single retail category and one of the few where eCommerce has yet to make a meaningful impact. The case centers on Amazon's strategic decision to pursue the grocery market in 2007 by launching AmazonFresh.  

Previous attempts to disrupt the industry with an online offering by several very well funded startups in early 2000 failed spectacularly. 
The class will evaluate the online grocery market opportunity, review the possible reasons for failure of First Movers in this sector and discuss the alternative approach taken by Amazon to improve its chances of success. Considerations will also be made on broader phenomenon of eCommerce and its overall impact on the traditional retail sector, and to which extent the grocery market may present distinctive innovation adoption characteristics. 

9 marzo, 12:00 - 13:30 (CET)

Keynote Speaker
Nader Sabbaghian, Entrepreneurial Manager and Investor, Bocconi Academic Fellow

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Keynote Speaker

Nader Sabbaghian
Entrepreneurial Manager and Investor, Bocconi Academic Fellow