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SDA Bocconi's China Lab is proud to announce the Third edition of the China Insight Competition (2013).

Explore your talent and empower your knowledge.
Want to learn more about the largest emerging market in the world? Are you interested in exploring the meaning of “doing business in China” and on the opportunities and risks that China’s complex and dynamic environment offers to Italian companies? Are you willing to put your talent, preparation, energy and intuition at work? Then, form a team with other students like you and join the China Insight Competition.

SDA Bocconi’s China Lab is proud to announce Third edition of the China Insight Competition. China Lab is the place where students, researchers, and companies with a focus on China connect and collaborate. Our mission is to strengthen the internationalization of people, companies and ideas through the enhancement of applied research on China, from the perspective of the potentials for Italian companies. The China Insight Competition is China Lab’s important initiative. Our ambition is to create an event that will serve as a means of improving knowledge and inspiring innovation by exchanging experiences at both student and company levels.

The China Insight Competition is a team-based competition, where different teams composed by MSc (Corsi di laurea magistrali) students have the possibility to show their best talents and capabilities to industry participants and to obtain visibility in the real career world. 

The competition will be based on two different tracks: “Opportunities in China”, with a focus on industry analysis and the assessment of opportunities for Italian companies, and “China Outlook and Trends”, with a focus on social and economic analysis about current and emerging trends.

The competition is designed to challenge students on their ability to see and convey the big picture, using the skills, knowledge and experience they have acquired from their respective curricula, as well as their teamwork, creativity, communication and presentation skills. Teams will be evaluated by a judging panel formed by SDA Bocconi faculty and by executives and experts from various businesses and fields.

The finalists for each track will present their work on a public event that will be hosted by SDA Bocconi. The two winning teams will be given public recognition, inside and outside Bocconi, they will be awarded with a monetary prize, and they could also be offered the chance to  visit the companies affiliated to China Lab and to be involved in their projects. A certificate of attendance will be given to all teams, with a special mention to finalists and winners.

The rules of the competition, including the different deadlines, are available in the download section (on the right).

SDA Bocconi’s China Lab invites interested students to submit their registration by October 8th, 2013 at the following link:

Team Registration for the China Insigth Competition

Are you looking for a team or need more people to make yours? You can leave your message here and try to find someone who’s interested.

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