03 February 2010

Moms Are Public Opinion

By Paola Dubini, Director, ASK Bocconi Research Center

Many studies on information, media and entertainment industries focus on the supply side. They look at new product configurations, intellectual property regimes, the sustainability of business models, and the like. When such changes are analyzed from the demand side, they need to be embedded in a wider analytical framework that explores the changes in the formation of public opinion.
03 February 2010

An MBA Student's Blog

Seda Saracer chose the SDA Bocconi MBA in part because of its international environment. As if classmates from 31 different countries weren't enough, she now finds herself with 11 fellow-bloggers scattered all over the world, all authors of an online diary of their experiences in the Business Education section of the Financial Times.
12 February 2010

SBA Bocconi "International Think Tank" Program Just Started

Monday 25th of January, SDA Bocconi launched its new “International Think Tank, Top Executive Seminars for China” with the speeches of two prestigious guests: the Rector of Bocconi University Prof. Guido Tabellini and the President of Diligent Capital Mr. Ge Qi.
The focus of the first seminar was on “International Economy Outlook” and the speakers addressed the actually economic situation and the recover plans which have been implemented inshore and offshore China by the different Government.
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