Management and innovation skills for professionals in Public Administration, Healthcare and Social Assistance & Non-Profit organizations.

The Public Management and Policy Department has over 30 years of experience in the study of management, governance, public economics, managerial improvement of public administration, healthcare, social assistance and non-profit organizations. The Department also helps these organizations in their growth and innovation, so they can be increasingly competitive and contribute to the development of their local Knowledge Group.

The faculty is heavily involved in research and training activities aimed at improving the management of public administrations (ministries, regions, agencies, local authorities), healthcare organizations (agencies, local healthcare providers, hospitals, IRCSS) and non-profits (social assistance programs, NGOs, co-ops).

The mission of the Public Management and Policy Department is to:

  • Contribute to the development and dissemination of knowledge and skills, helping public managers and professionals deal with change and innovation; 
  • Expand opportunities and conditions for the development of relationships between private and public sector, which is crucial for the competitiveness of a country;
  • Provide tools to analyze and understand the economic landscape and policies in Italy and abroad.



The Public Management and Policy Department offers a wide range of programs, which can be divided into three main categories:

  • Executive Open Programs (Public Administration, Healthcare, Non-Profit): aimed at professionals whose role is highly interactive and hands-on, these short to medium-term programs are designed to develop and consolidate specific skills.
  • Executive Masters (Public Administration and Healthcare): Long-term, part-time programs for professional development across a wide range of job functions. The Masters are aimed at those who wish to consolidate their knowledge and strengthen their managerial skills.
  • Specialized Masters (Healthcare and Non-Profit): Long-term or full-time programs for people who are geared towards a career in management.  These programs do not require students to have extensive professional experience.

The programs are targeted at professionals working in Public Administration, Healthcare and Non-Profit organization, or in private companies, and wishing to gain a better understanding of public administration and the opportunities that may arise from entertaining relations with public sector organizations.Executive Custom Programs: customized activities designed to achieve very specific objectives. After an initial analysis of the company's current situation, which is carried out in collaboration with the commissioning organization, training needs are identified and a customized program is designed. Thanks to a close collaboration with the commissioning organization, and to a competent and specialized faculty, custom programs represent an invaluable experience for the commissioning organizations.


The Department's research seeks to balance theoretical and applied research. This approach makes it possible to develop projects that are highly relevant in content and method. These projects can also influence logic, processes, practices and management techniques in public administration. 

Research activities focus mainly on:

  • Public administration management
  • Public policies and the relationship between public and private organizations  
  • Public services organizations
  • Healthcare providers and policies
  • Social services and non-profits

Observation centers are the engine that powers research and the Public Management and Policy Department has two main centers:

Networks & Communities

The Public Administration and Policy Department runs networks of professionals and organizations including:

  • NETCAP (Network Conti & Controlli nelle Amministrazioni Pubbliche), which deals with finance and control in public administration;
  • DASP (Network dei Direttori delle Aziende Sanitarie Pubbliche), which gathers the directors of public healthcare providers.

These networks were set up to offer their members a platform to exchange ideas, suggestions and techniques to promote and support change in their respective industry sectors. They are also a means to exchange views on issues encountered, propose solutions and discuss trends at a national and international level.

The public administration networks are designed to work as training programs, and combine a wide range of activities and learning methods, such as lectures, classroom activities, research, information and experience sharing, and online discussions through a dedicated platform.

The Public Administration and Policy Department has also set up a community of human resources and training managers in regional governments and local authorities. The aim of this community is to bring together the experience of researchers studying new practices in human resources management in Italy and abroad, and the experience of professionals who are exposed to new solutions in their day-to-day role and have to cope with the challenges of change.