AIFA, which stands for Knowledge Group Intermediazione Finanziaria e Assicurazioni, considers knowledge to be first and foremost an asset.

This is why its goal is to infuse knowledge within industry and among professionals working in the banking and insurance sector, so they can be increasingly competent and competitive.

In order to achieve this, the Department offers specialized programs that focus on transferring competence in corporate banking, credit risk assessment, real estate finance, asset management, wealth management, retail banking, risk management, corporate governance and general management.

In addition, AIFA faculty is diverse, experienced and actively involved in research, with partnerships and collaborations at a national and international level.

Faculty, organizations and professionals create a network that is constantly growing, inside and outside the School. This is because alongside courses such as Masters, Executive Open Programs and Executive Custom Programs, the Department also runs Research Centers, Communities and Workshops, which promote the sharing of experiences, and the development of everyone involved.



The AIFA Department offers the following types of programs: 

  • Executive Open Programs to acquire and develop competences in:
    • Corporate banking
    • Retail banking
    • Private banking and wealth management
    • Risk management
    • Real estate finance and asset management
    • Credit risk assessment
    • Planning and control
    • General management
    • Human resources management
    • Marketing
    • Planning and risk management in insurance
  • Executive Open Programs aimed at financial and insurance professional bodies, as well as individuals.
  • Executive Custom Programs through a division dedicated to the financial industry and its main players such as banks, credit brokers, financial intermediaries, insurance companies, supervisory bodies and authorities. These programs have customized formats based on customer needs.

These courses can be taken over time as part of a continuing education plan to help career progression and gain the skills required at each stage of professional development.

  • MBAs and Masters


The AIFA faculty consists of professors and researchers with different professional backgrounds who combine international industry experience with academic vocation.
This translates into higher quality teaching and greater knowledge, allowing all of those who interact with the Department to share its values.

Networks and Communities

AIFA links with professionals from the financial sector are strengthened through communities and research centers, which encourage networking and knowledge sharing. 


CIB Community
Private Banking / Wealth Management Community
Risk Management Community

Research Centers

Osservatorio Solvency II (Solvency II Research Center)