Encouraging industry growth and managing operations.

The Operations and Technology Department performs research and provides training in the strategic and operational management of supply, purchasing and production activities, as well as logistics, research, new product development and technological innovation.

The Department’s Knowledge Group of expertise are channelled through the following activities: 

Managing operations and promoting networking.

The Department has been running the Club Produzione e Tecnologia  (Operations and Technology Club) for over ten years. This is the only networking club in Italy to have stable links between the university and senior executives in technology and operations management roles.

Promoting networking and thinking in a systemic manner.

Working with the Department means understanding how to manage purchasing and production operations, as well as logistics and technological innovation in order to be more competitive. Together with its efforts to promote networking, the Department truly enables its members to have a more global, systemic and strategic way of looking at the impact of decisions and technology on businesses.



The Executive Open Programs of the Operations and Technology Department are focused on four key Knowledge Group of management:

  • Supply chain and distribution logistics
  • Purchasing and supply
  • Operations
  • Innovation

All Executive Open Programs can be tailored and offered as Executive Custom Programs, in which case they are designed and run in collaboration with the commissioning organization.


Through training and vocation, faculty members share a strong drive towards innovation and pragmatism. In particular, innovation is something that the faculty has studied and experienced directly, as well as taught.The faculty’s experience as managers, researchers and teachers constitutes a strong basis for creating and sharing knowledge with the business world.


The Department, in collaboration with businesses, runs numerous field research projects to find concrete answers to business management issues, through a rigorous application of methodologies. As a result, these issues become the subjects of studies that lead to recommendations and proposals.  Independent and commissioned research plays a fundamental role in the work of Department.

Networks & Communities

Networking is a process too.

The Operations and Technology Department has been a pioneer in networking activities and has been promoting them since the 1990s.

  • Club Produzione e Tecnologia
    The Operations and Technology Club was founded in 1996 to provide regular networking opportunities. This group attracts entrepreneurs and senior managers who are interested in debating and sharing their experience in order to find pragmatic and innovative management solutions.
  • Workshops
    Workshops are offered as part of a series of seminars organized by the School’s Operations and Technology Club. They have been introduced to provide rapid and effective solutions to boost company performance and, on a lager scale, help the country’s economy to recover and thrive.

Analysis of Health Complementary Plans
The study investigates how well known the health complementary plans are, how healthcare costs are covered both for the individual and for their families, and how the current offering is rated.