It is important to have substance.Marketing is not just about research and ideas. It is also about understanding consumers and making strategic and tactical decisions in order to be the best and compete with the best.

The Marketing Department of SDA Bocconi School of Management works passionately and energetically to be a hub of managerial excellence in the Knowledge Group of marketing, sales, distribution and communication.

The Department’s intense research activities enable it to constantly improve its offering. This, in turn, fuels the industry with professionals who have the right skills to tackle complex problems.

Driven by a desire for constant innovation, the Department offers Executive Open Programs that are functional, specialized, customized, international and designed for specific sectors, as well as Executive Custom Programs.

At the same time, the Marketing Community engages alumni, faculty, organizations and senior managers to find new influences, approaches and perspectives for debate. 



The Marketing programs offered by SDA Bocconi are divided into the following categories:

  • Functional – Covering sales, distribution, communication, marketing research and innovation;
  • Specialized – Focusing on advanced topics such as loyalty, brand management, new product launches and customer value;
  • Sector-specific – Designed for sales professionals in specific industry sectors such as retail, services, PMI and pharmaceutical;
  • International – Executive, long-term programs such as the Executive Master in Marketing & Sales (EMMS), which is offered in collaboration with ESADE Business School, and the Channel & Retail Academy, which offers four programs in English. These are “The Marketing in You” and “Go to Market”, which are aimed at senior executives, and “Retail Manager”, which has been designed for aspiring managers, E-Martketing, etc....
  • Customized – Designed to meet the specific needs of professionals, these programs are particularly suitable to promote change and knowledge sharing within the company in Knowledge Group such as:
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • Customer Value Management
  • Sales Management
  • Personal Selling
  • Communication Management
  • Category Management
  • Retail Marketing
  • Internet Marketing


The Marketing Department’s faculty is committed to keeping program content up-to-date, introducing new formats, and promoting activities related to current topics in marketing management, sales, distribution, communication, innovation and research.

In order to create and share knowledge, the Department encourages:

  • Investment in research
  • Research center activities
  • International relations and visiting professors from some of the world’s most prestigious universities


Research is essential in order to find answers and pose questions. It is what enhances our faculty’s competence and shapes our course content. 

At SDA Bocconi, research is carried out by faculty members working individually or as part of a team within the Retailing and the Wine Marketing Research Centers, or by doing Custom Research.

Over the past three years, the School has funded many research projects in the Knowledge Group of marketing, sales, distribution and communication.

Measuring the success of a customer loyalty program
This research project studies the impact of successful customer loyalty programs on the future of businesses. The aim is to understand whether loyalty programs bring competitive advantage and, if so, in what circumstances.

Experience, symbolic consumption and communication in relation to products and services
The aim of this project is to investigate the experiential aspect of consumption, purchasing and communication in relation to products and services. The value of the experiences is analysed in the context of B2B and B2C.

The “Made in Italy” label and the international markets
Supported by a strong understanding of the “Made in Italy” label and the reasons behind its success abroad, this research project examines communication and brand management in international markets.

Mono-brand or multi-brand? Marketing strategies for the high-end prêt-a-porter segment
This research project looks at the evolution of marketing strategies employed by group companies and individual organizations within the fashion industry, and more specifically the high-end prêt-a-porter segment.

The relations between marketing and sales functions
This research project aims to understand problematic issues and main evolutionary trends in the integration and coordination of marketing and sales activities in the context of commercial management of organizations.

Museum shops
This project studies retailing in museums by interviewing visitors and observing their purchasing behaviour in selected museums across Europe.

Wine marketing
Run by SDA Bocconi’s Wine Marketing Research Center, the first empirical research project examined the commercial policies of Italian wine-making companies. A second project is currently underway and will update the results of the first survey and broaden the scope of analysis in some Knowledge Group of marketing management.

Use of integrated marketing communication in Italy
This project aims to verify the growing use of integrated marketing communication in Italian firms and to identify management frameworks for the creation of an integrated marketing communication plan. 

Marketing policies in the air transport industry
This research project examined the main marketing strategies adopted by the air transport industry in light of today’s environmental changes and commercial policies. This was done through interviews with top executives from the main European carriers in the following categories: legacy, regional, cargo, low-cost and charter. 

Marketing investments and business performance
This project investigates the impact of marketing investments on the economic and financial performance of a business. In particular, the research focuses on the link between different types of investments (for example towards innovation, client relations, communication, distribution), generation of specific assets (for example brand equity, customer equity), performance in the market, and economic and financial performance.

Online information sharing
The main focus of this research project was the analysis of online buyers behaviour and, more specifically, personal information sharing with online retailers. The study looked at the two main factors that influence the decision to share personal information: incentives and trust.

Customer insight and marketing management
This project explored the relationship between the strategies employed by companies in order to gain customer insight and a number of factors within the organization. Empirical research carried out at an international level verified several theories and analysed cases where companies have been successful in gathering customer insight.

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Unconventional Marketing

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Marketing in Emerging Markets and in Rural Areas


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