Since the early 1990s, the SDA Bocconi Information Systems Unit has been generating and disseminating knowledge on the employment and management of information and communication technology (ICT) within organizations.

The vast amount of knowledge and experience gained over the years have made SDA Bocconi a reference point for companies and professionals interested in Information Systems. 

The Unit’s activities are targeted at Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and professionals involved in the management of ICT, such as consultants, specialists, mid-level managers, senior managers and ICT service providers.

The Unit focuses primarily on three activities:

  • Research
  • Executive Open Programs
  • Networking



  • Executive Open Programs: designed to address the needs of the ICT sector, these courses cover a broad range of topics, from basic to advanced, in order to cater to the training needs of professionals across different stages in their careesr.

  • Executive Custom Programs: these courses are tailored to the needs of the commissioning organization and are often delivered in collaboration with company in-house training team and staff. The objective of custom programs is to encourage the application of what is learned in class, which is why they are often run in conjunction with actual work projects. 


The Information System Unit has a strong faculty, and professors entertain close relationships with the industry. This is reflected in the classroom, where lessons combine academic theory with application analysis through group work, case studies and debates.

The faculty’s academic and professional experience is complemented by regular interaction with key players in the ICT sector, which further enhances their expertise on the subject and their understanding of the industry.


Innovation is at the center of everything that the Information Systems Unit does. Together with analysis and information, it forms the basis upon which the Unit operates.
Using innovative as well as more traditional methods, the Unit’s ongoing research activities aim to generate ideas and produce new material to be used in class or to be published in specialist journals.

Professors and researchers work on three types of projects:

  • internal projects;
  • projects in partnership with national and international organizations and institutions;
  • sponsored projects – these projects benefit from the exchange of experiences and methodologies between the commissioning organization and the School, in order to identify innovative solutions that can be immediately applied in the work context.

Projects fall into one of these two categories:

  • fixed-term projects, the results of which become the subject of a training course, a published piece or a report;
  • ongoing projects, which aim to monitor over time the development of a given phenomenon.

Networks & Communities

Information systems offer countless opportunities for innovation and debate. Therefore, managers and professionals working with information systems are often members of communities or user groups, where they can discuss different aspects of managing and working with these systems. 

Business schools contribute to the debate by organizing events on a regular basis. These events are regarded as successful ways for generating ideas and driving innovation in the ICT sector.

The Unit also works to create new channels and opportunities for professionals to meet at a national and international level.

Main events planned thus far include:

  • Business and Information Technologies Program & Conference (BIT)
  • IS Governance Initiative
  • IS Award
  • Osservatorio BI (OBI)
  • Technology and Innovation Management Program
  • Innovation check-up
  • IS Performance Initiative

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