Quantitative/statistical skills to support decision-making.

The Quantitative Methods Knowledge Center of SDA Bocconi School of Management runs research projects and academic programs, focusing on quantitative and statistical methods, and decision-making processes (computer-based). 

Particular emphasis is given to applied statistics, data analysis and modelling supporting decision analysis, in order to examine problems that affect all Knowledge Group of management.

This is possible because the Center’s knowledge is not confined to specific industry sectors, thus QM experts liaise with professionals from many Knowledge Group of business.

Finally, the Center’s mission is to promote the use of QM in the business world, research the subject, test new application and modelling techniques, and analyse best practices. It is with these objectives in mind that the Center works to be innovative and to offer advanced options, such as Executive Open Programs and Executive Custom Programs.



What businesses of any size and from every sector want to know is how to gather and manage information that is useful for effective decision making. In response, the Quantitative Methods Knowledge Center offers, as well as research projects – which can also be performed on commission – the following academic programs:

  • data and quantitative methods analysis for decision making 
  • marketing research 
  • planning and modelling 
  • risk management 
  • project management 
  • Executive Custom Programs, which can be entirely custom based on the methods and applications required by the organization. These are programs that cover basic and advanced topics in operational and cross-functional aspects of management.

  • Masters and MBAs, where the study and application of quantitative methods logic, techniques, models and tools are considered fundamental to management training.


The Quantitative Methods Knowledge Center is engaged in numerous activities both inside and outside SDA Bocconi School of Management.

Its dedicated faculty brings knowledge that has been acquired through their academic and professional work, as well as through their involvement with successful organizations. In addition, the faculty works to build ever-stronger relationships with the business world; over the years, this has allowed the Center to take a very practical and pragmatic approach, and to demonstrate great awareness of what businesses need and where they are heading. 

On a more general level, the Quantitative Methods Knowledge Center also supports, in practical terms and through its know-how, all the other Departments, Units, Research Centers and activities run by SDA Bocconi for any matters concerning QM.


The Quantitative Methods Knowledge Center promotes and is actively involved in research with the aim to develop and test theories and models that are relevant not only at a national level but also globally.  In addition to its research work, the Center is also engaged in action-research; this consists of commissioned action plans and interventions tailored to the needs of organizations in relation to specific projects or research activities.