The Organization and Human Resources Management Department works on two fronts: research and academic programs in the Knowledge Group of organization and human resources management, leadership, and management training.

Our mission is threefold: to generate knowledge, to create opportunities for debate, and to promote community activities. Our programs excel thanks to their content, teaching methods, and innovativeness, as well as for being highly international. Through our programs, we aim to teach students how to positively influence their operating environment. 

Our activities include masters, custom and executive programs, and continuing education programs, the objective of all our courses is to encourage regular interaction between industry and the School.

Our faculty promotes close collaboration with the business community and with all the major business schools around the world.



The programs run by the Organization and Human Resources Management Department are centered around three main topics:

  • Organization
  • Human Resources Management
  • Leadership & Management development

The first two coincide with the Department’s specific Knowledge Group of expertise, while the third one is relevant and applicable to all industry sectors.
In addition, the Department offers the Executive Master in Strategic Human Resource Management (EMSHRM), a specialized and international executive program.

Custom Programs are tailored to the needs of the commissioning organization and designed in collaboration with them. With these programs, SDA Bocconi acts as the training center for organizations; the courses are designed with continuing education in mind and offer a broad range of skills in order to suit participant roles within the organization.

The programs also employ a variety of teaching methods and experiential tools (2.0 experiences and web-based experiences) to enhance learning. As a result, participants are actively involved in complementary activities inside and outside the classroom, two examples of this being the Coaching service and the 360° Feedback system.

SDA Bocconi’s Custom Programs are offered as part of two main divisions:

  • HR & Organization Academy
  • Leadership & Management Academy


The faculty consists of 34 teaching staff, as well as PhD students, professors from international business schools, and professional and senior managers working in the Knowledge Group of Organization and Human Resources Management. The diversity of backgrounds within the faculty is an invaluable asset to the Department.

As a whole, the faculty participates actively in the debate on the subjects of Organization and HR Management within the academic and business arena in Italy and abroad.

The faculty’s Knowledge Group of interest are numerous, and are represented in the programs offered and research projects undertaken. In contrast, the approach to both academic and research work is the same and is based on a combination of several innovative tools.


Research creates challenges and opportunities; it is dynamic, ongoing, international and multidisciplinary. Research is in the DNA of SDA Bocconi and is one thing that marks the School’s identity.

In parallel with the academic programs, the Organization and Human Resources Management Department runs research programs on specific subject Knowledge Group. These programs involve organizations and the business community, as well as teaching staff from SDA Bocconi and other international business schools.

  • The results of research projects undertaken by the faculty are published in the main national and international journals of management.
  • Customized research responds to the specific needs of commissioning businesses and institutions.

The Diversity Management Observation Center runs training and academic programs on the subject of diversity management within organizations.

Networks and Communities

The Organization and Human Resources Management Department works passionately to promote debate and communities. Through workshops, meetings with key industry figures and broad-reaching projects, the Department creates opportunities for debate, knowledge sharing and constant improvement.

  • Architecture and Management (Workshop Series)
    “How management can contribute to the success of Italian architecture”

    How can we develop the potential of Italian architecture and foster the success, also in financial terms, of this profession? How can management contribute to the success of this industry sector?

    A series of workshops aimed at architects and those who work in architecture firms looks at management logics, techniques and tools applied to architecture; real-life case studies, as well as national and international architecture projects will be examined during the workshops. At the end of each session, participants share an aperitivo: an excellent opportunity to network with fellow professionals.