Field Projects

Spotting talents

When an organization wants to select talent to invest in, it is important that it sees how they operate in the workplace, assessing their reactions to the environment and to situations. 
Every year SDA Bocconi offers Companies, Organizations and Institutions the opportunity to host Field Projects involving MBA students
Field Projects are an important element in any master in business administration. These projects can be sector-specific or cross-sector, research-based or entrepreneurial. Organizations can choose to run a project in any area of business, in line with their internal requirements. 
While it is in the interest of organizations to take the strongest candidates in a given area of business, it is also in the interest of candidates to make the most of their Field project and to see it as a springboard for their professional development. SDA Bocconi benefits from connecting organizations with candidates as this allows the School to strengthen their relationship with businesses and institutions, and ensure that its postgraduate programs continue to be tuned to the needs of the industry world. 
Candidates and companies both benefit significantly from taking part in a field project. For students, this is a chance to be involved in a project that allows them to showcase their talent. For companies, it is an opportunity to generate more value. 
If you wish to organize a Field Project involving MBA students, please contact the Career Service.

To organize a Field Project involving students from EMMSMAFEDMIHMEPMFBMISAMiMS, please contact the relevant administrative office.



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