Nurturing talent

Fostering talent and employing highly skilled professionals are opportunities that every organization should value. Internships are a faster and more direct way to test the practical skills of candidates that have already been screened.
Every summer, SDA Bocconi offers Companies, Organizations and Institutions the opportunity to run consultancy projects on actual issues that require specific intervention and that benefit from an outsider’s perspective.
These internship projects, called Summer Projects, last between four and twelve weeks and are run by small groups of MBA students. Each group works for the commissioning organization between June and August and is assigned with producing final reports for the implementation of the solutions.

If you wish to start fostering talent through internships, please contact the Career Service.

The MBA is not the only master to include an internship and to foster close collaboration with relevant industry sectors, bringing innovation to the heart of companies and institutions, and helping them overcome challenges.
Thanks to SDA Bocconi’s strong partnership with the industry world, candidates from programs such as EMMS, MAFED, MIHMEP, MFB, MISA, MiMS or NP&COOP have been able to join leading organizations and demonstrate their skills. Companies, in turn, have a chance to see candidates in action and approach them about future opportunities.