"Make an MPA Wish" Competition

MPA students are asked to raise funds to finance scholarships for disadvantaged and talented applicants. "Make an MPA Wish" is a contest in which each MPA class autonomously designs and runs a fundraising campaign from the first term aimed at raising funds for scholarship, accommodation and living expenses for disadvantaged and talented applicants. The whole class is involved in the selection of awarded participants based on funding and pre-existing eligibility requirements set by the admission office.
MPA Class of 2017 decided to combine their efforts towards the MPA Scholarship Fund initiative, to foster women's empowerment.

MPA Scholarship Fund - Class of 2017 Fund-Raising Initiative

The MPA Scholarship Fund is a student-led initiative that seizes the opportunity to create a long-lasting impact through the empowerment of women from the Global South involved in policymaking. The collaboration of a group of highly skilled MPA students, the privileged educational platform offered by SDA Bocconi, and its network of organizational and individual partners creates the ideal conditions to design and implement a project that can tackle the issue of gender inequality head-on.

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MPA students @sdabocconi aim to empower female policymakers from developing countries, fundraising for a scholarship

MPA  Class Trips

The MPA Class trip is designed to enrich the MPA learning experience, giving an opportunity for participants to experience International Organizations and Public Sector at an international level. During this visit, participants have the opportunity to benchmark best practices, deepen their understanding of the managerial challenges faced by organizations such as WIPO, UNHCR, UNIS, as well as other International Organizations, NGOs and Foundations.

The format of the MPA Class trip makes the MPA a unique program, with panel discussions, interactive events and seminars with senior professionals and public managers who share their experiences and perspectives on future smart solutions to public challenges.

@gretanasi at   talking about their experience in empowering African human capital and entreprenuership capacity

MPA 2016-2017 Class trip to Geneva, Switzerland

6-7 April 2017

MPA 2016-2017 class, as part of their Concentration on International Public and Non-profit Management, that is designed to provide knowledge and concrete managerial skills for professionals seeking careers in international public and non-profit organizations, visited Geneva over two days on 6-7 April 2017. This concentration covers important management topics such as interagency coordination, stakeholder management and cross-sector partnerships, how actors involved in decision-making manage successful negotiations and manage complex projects, specifically, inter-agency collaborative practices, fundraising, advocacy and communication, and management of complex projects. As part of this Concentration, the MPAs visited the following UN Agencies based in Geneva:

  • WIPO
  • UNOG
  • UN Library


Senior officials and experts from these organizations met with the MPAs and shared their experiences of working for the UN agencies, mission and goals of their projects, processes and daily tasks they carry out as managers were very interesting for our MPA students to learn and understand the complexity of global agendas, international humanitarian issues that the UN focuses on and each agency’s unique mandates and roles were explained. Many of our MPA students felt this was a “once in a life time” experience to visit the UN premises and interact with professionals working at the UN agencies and one of the highlights of the visit was the visit to the UN Library. The librarians shared the history of the library, how it has been transforming its services to meet the demands of using more digital and online platforms and explained the stories about the impressive art work drawn on its walls (see below photo) that the visitors found fascinating.

MPAs were also able to network with MPM Alumni of SDA Bocconi over an Aperitivo session in the heart of Geneva. The visit provided not only insights to the UN world but also networking opportunity and eye opening experience for many of the MPA students about the international organizations.