10 very good reasons why you should take a Master in International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy in Italy.

01. Italy's health system consistently in top 3 in the world since 2000, according to World Healthcare Organization (WHO), Bloomberg and others.

02. Highest worldwide expectancy of life in Italy, lowest child mortality and among top-ranked countries across all quality measures for population health.

03. Public Health first created by the Romans in Italy.

04. Oldest medical Schools in the world founded in Italy in the XIII century.

05. Mental health first de-hospitalized in Italy in the 70's, and Italian model adopted worldwide ever since. Italy always at the forefront of organizational innovation in health service delivery.

06. First unmanned robotic surgery in 2006 in Italy (and revolutionary surgical Da Vinci Robot first 'invented' in Italy...). Many cutting-edge and pivotal new medical technologies developed in Italy.

07. Universal coverage offered by Italy's NHS, with 30% of health expenditures intermediated by insurances or paid out of pocket by citizens: an extraordinary laboratory of health policy and management, given its complex and mixed configuration.

08. Italy's Pharma, Medical Devices and Health Technology Industries in the top 10 worldwide for volume and revenue, with innovative and challenging approaches to market access development, institutional affairs, marketing, pricing and regulation.

09. Italy always a key player and leading force in global health, and among health-matter-oriented int'l Organizations and NGOs.

10. Italy's Health System key actor and leader of all new trends of modern medicine, from medical tourism, to low pricing or concierge medicine, to population health management.