Master in Food & Beverage Management | SDA Bocconi

Managerial Courses - Spring Term

Italian Excellence

The goal of the course is twofold: to give you an overview of the typical business models in symbolic-intensive industries (food & beverage, fashion & luxury, arts & culture) and to make students experience how an international city like Milan might leverage on symbolic industries for successful branding.


Corporate Finance

The course provides a general view of the different financial models of companies in the food & beverage industry, focalizing the main issues of financing choices related to the different business models. Moreover, you will understand the major tools and methods to analyze financial statements related to companies operating in the F&B industry.


International Development

The course provides the comprehensive framework of the international growth patterns and strategies for F&B firms. At the end of the course, you will be able to evaluate and to make the following decisions:

  • Why should a firm go abroad?
  • How should a firm select foreign markets for its international expansion?
  • What is the impact of cultural, legal, economic and other differences among countries on the definition and on the implementation of the international strategies?
  • How are the internationalization decisions impacted by the tariff and non-tariff barriers?

What are the key international strategies for F&B firms?


Supply Chain Management



Sales Management



Business Planning



Leading Self, Leading Others