Master in Food & Beverage Management | SDA Bocconi

Core Courses - Winter Term

Throughout these courses, you are asked to progress beyond the points of view and conditioning gained from your personal and professional backgrounds in order to shape a broader and richer mental attitude and experience. You’ll get methodological tools for in-depth analysis of the key concepts needed to manage a company.


In addition to core courses, in this phase participants will attend seminars and company presentations, and will be involved in company visits.


Business Modeling




This module aims at building an accounting framework and understanding the financial statements (balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement), in order to master cost accounting, support main financial decisions, and understand cash flows and the financial effects of managerial decisions.


Organizational Design in the Information Age

The course will provide an overview of the basic concepts of organization design and behavior. You will learn the different notions of organizational variables, how they impact aggregated behaviors and how they can orchestrate the result orientation of the firm.


Marketing Management

The course will provide an overview of the basic concepts of customer value management and strategic marketing management. You will learn the different concepts of customer value, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty, and how to measure customer value; how to segment a market; how to design a marketing research; how to measure a current market size and a potential market size.


Data Analysis for Business Foundations



Operations Management

In this course you will understand how operations enable organizations to provide services and products that people need and how solutions should be designed in order to be financially sound, resource efficient, as well as environmentally and socially responsible.


Management Control

The aim of this course is to enable you to evaluate the whole economic-financial position of organizations operating in the food & beverage industries through the systematic use of the information included in the public financial statement. The course will then go more in depth into the different tools of analysis that the financial statement readers may use in order to extract useful information about the company’s economic performance and financial situation.