The MFB Ambassadors

Would you like to get in touch with MFB Alumni to find out more about their experience and career development? Are you planning to apply for MFB and would like to get insider's view on the program? Please feel free to connect with one of our Ambassadors: they will be happy to answer your questions and provide advice on your MFB decision, clarifying any doubts, or simply having a chat with you.

Edoardo Freddi | MFB 2011, Italian
Owner of Edoardo Freddi – Marketing food and wines all over the world

1. Why did you choose the SDA Bocconi MFB?

I decided to attend MFB as food and beverage is my passion since I was a child. I am the 4th generation in the family bakery business so it was almost obvious to go ahead with that. path Anyway, F&B is the only industry I would work it, I like to see the products moving from the shelves and to better market them.

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Romy Zainoun | MFB 2013, Lebanese
Business Development at GROM s.r.l. - Unilever subsidiary

2. Describe your MFB in three words

Enriching, challenging and fun.

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Blas Gentiloni Silveri | MFB 2014, Italian/Mexican
CFO at IMG, Mexico

3. How MFB contributed to your personal and professional life?

It was the kickoff for my new career as CFO of a family business back in Mexico. It gave me some insight into what the F&B industry means in terms of importance, trends, and size.

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Gianluca Ciampalini | MFB 2012, Italian

Key Account Manager at Nomad Foods Europe

4. Who would you recommend the MFB program to?

To everybody who wants to boost his/her life in F&B world, I think it more useful if you have a little bit of experience before the program.

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Ingrid Ferreira | MFB 2015, Brazilian

Logistics Officer at Syngenta

1. Why did you choose the SDA Bocconi MFB?

Because it fulfilled the main requirements I was looking for, that were:

  • I wanted a specialized program that could give me opportunity to work in a great company after graduation where I could build/continue my career.
  • I wanted an incredible one year experience abroad.
  • I was looking for a well-known and respected educational institution.

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