My MFB experience was inevitable for me. I worked all my career in the Food and Beverage field and coming to SDA Bocconi and attend the program was an obvious choice for me. Little that I know that I would be submerged by the high standards of the teaching corps along with the exposure and knowledge we were exposed to with respectful companies in the CPG industry.

It’s definitely the best experience I had; on top of leading me to work on a field project with Ferrero and later joined the Barilla Group after my graduation. Thank you for this great opportunity and challenges that pushed me one step further in my career.

David John Massoud - Lebanese
MFB 2018
Competitive Insights Analyst at Barilla Group

Why did you choose the SDA Bocconi MFB?
MFB just seemed right! Back in 2017, I was working late hours as a corporate lawyer at a prestigious American law firm. MFB seemed like a bridge that would allow me to work on managerial hard and soft skills which I lacked, crossing into a new career. My passion for food & beverage, love for Italy and respect for SDA Bocconi made the choice easier. Today, as the export area manager for Costa d’Oro, in charge of the company’s operations in Brazil i’m sure it was the right one.
Describe your MFB in three words
How did MFB contribute to your personal and professional life?
MFB is an experience on its own. No other master degree (which I know of) allows you to be so close to the F&B industry while connecting with so many people from different cultures. MFB contributed to my personal life by teaching me the importance of achievements as a team and the respect for your peers – ideas from different backgrounds might also lead you to the right choice through a different path. At a professional level I managed to change careers and be more prepared – needless to say that MFB played a huge role.
To whom would you recommend the MFB program to?
To all those who are willing to start working in the F&B industry and are passionate about F&B and ready for the challenge. Life is what you want it to be, so strive and make it happen!

Alfredo Matheus Maldonado - Brazilian/Italian
MFB 2018
Jr. Sales Area Manager Brazil and South America at Costa d’Oro S.p.A.

Whether working in a market selling apples or in a restaurant running between dining room and kitchen, it is difficult to see the forest for the trees; the wider world that is the Food & Beverage sector. In contrast, we were taken to the field where the trees grow to meet the family that harvests and presses the olives, to his neighbor who makes each ceramic bottle, to the chef that cooks with the extra vergin olive oil, then they asked us: what next? From the first day of MFB at SDA Bocconi, we were allowed to experience and to develop as future Food and Beverage leaders. We were given countless opportunities to meet, discuss and learn from sector leaders and professionals - professors, guest speakers, alumni and fellow classmates and company visits - the knowledge, tools and network to answer the question, what next? I recommend this programme to those curious, passionate and hungry for more.

Adelia Lau - Hong Kong
MFB 2018
F&B Coordinator at Bulgari Hotel Milano

Do you believe the world is going to be a better place in the next year or decade? And, how can we achieve this?

For me, UNLEASH proves the potential and process to hit the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations Agenda 2030. It means global collaboration, disruptive innovation and sustainable development.
As the world’s problems are getting more complex and interrelated,, we need more collaborative tools to make solutions flow across borders and sectors, and more disruptive changes to challenge existing systems. So this August, UNLEASH made Denmark “a festival of disruptions,” where 1000 global participants went through the innovation process of problem-framing, brainstorming, prototyping, testing and pitching, building up more than 200 ideas in 10 days. Moreover, at present my team and I are still scheduling weekly Skype calls to push ideas forward and seek external resources for pilot and implementation and setting up social entrepreneurship across borders.

Have you ever done something to make our world a better place?

I ask myself. As a business student, every day we talk about business strategy and how to drive economic impact in the private sector. But Unleash, makes me reflect on how negligible the social engagement I contributed before and believe how great the social impact one person can bring to the world. After UNLEASH, I am more determined to become one of those role models, to have my voice heard and influence people towards sustainable development goals.
Though the event was only 10 days, I am sure the ambition and engagement of 1000 global youth to social progress will be life-long. If you want to get involved in this life-changing lab and learn more about UNLEASH ideas, please check the page

Liu (River) He - Chinese
MFB 2017

Why did you choose the SDA Bocconi MFB?

It is an interesting program covering both the academic (theoretical) subjects as well as practical experiences (including Sommellier / cooking courses, tasting and factory visits).

Describe your MFB in three words

Inspiring year with full coverage of Italian food and beverage world.

How did MFB contributed to your personal and professional life?

Personally, I learned a lot about what Italy can offer in terms of food and beverage to the world. It has enlarged my scope in this field. ıt has also taught me a lot about general management skills.

To whom would you recommend the MFB program to?

I would recommend it to students younger than 30 years old with only few years of non food / beverage related sector experience or older students either with a family business in this field or with related experience in food and beverage. It would also be inspirational for students who have a passion for this field to learn more of a management point of view.

Ebru Atamturk - Turkish
MFB 2010
Director of Global Accounts and Cross Trade at Arkas Holding

Why did you choose the SDA Bocconi MFB?

SDA Bocconi because it's an institution focused on creativity and professionalism. MFB, because it was a great first adventure into having a business oriented master focused on food and beverage businesses (one of a kind), and just what I was looking for to broaden my international horizons.

Describe your MFB in three words

Discovery, Passion, Opportunities

How did MFB contribute to your personal and professional life?

MFB allowed me to get up close to the heart of Entrepreneurship in Italy and understand the journeys to bring quality products to life. It gave me the opportunity to learn first hand from owners and managers the challenges in managing F&B businesses. Also, it gave me a broad network of students, teachers and contacts in the industry in order to enhance my professional development. Personally, it was an amazing experience. To immerse yourself in Italy and live its heritage and culture was a fantastic opportunity.

To whom would you recommend the MFB program to?

F&B managers (marketing, finance, production, R&D, regulatory) seeking to increase their business acumen and create new career opportunities in their life.

Rodolfo Brajcich - Mexico
MFB 2009
Business Executive Officer Nestlé Health Science Mexico