First-hand contact with the SDA Bocconi MAMA

Would you like to get in touch with current MAMA students to find out more about their experience? We encourage you to take the opportunity to connect with one of our student ambassadors. Students come from all around the world including Europe, Asia and North America. Contact one of our students and they will be happy to answer your questions and provide advice on your MAMA decision. For questions which are not strictly related to the MAMA experience, or for queries about the Program and the Admissions process, please address the Recruiting&Admissions team at



Matthijs Hazen
Italian, Pre-MAMA Industry - Art Start-Up Creative Coordinator

Emma Kocharian
Russian, Pre-MAMA Industry - Financial Manager

Arianna Lindberg
Swedish/Italian, Pre-MAMA Industry - Internship Museum

Sinziana Denise Mircea
Romanian, Pre-MAMA Industry - Concert Pianist


Shradha-India Bhatia
Indian, Pre-MAMA Activity - Project Manager Non Profit Organization

Nadine Mustikarini
Indonesian, Pre-MAMA Activity - Customer Satisfaction Supervisor Automotive

North America

Claire Repp
American, Pre-MAMA Activity - Marketing and Brand Strategy Manager