MAFED Incubator

MAFED promotes MAFED.incubator, to give students the opportunity to transform their ideas into business ventures in the fashion, luxury and design industries.

During their year in MAFED, students are trained to deal with the key issues needed to understand those businesses where creativity must cope with management. In particular, the course "Business Planning" aims to provide all MAFED students with an in-depth understanding of the qualitative and quantitative variables involved in working out and implementing a strategic idea in these businesses in a consistent way.

The business plan is a document that should represent a roadmap to chart the course of a new business and a tool to realistically appraise the chance for success, before committing time and money and involving the financial and business communities.

Future entrepreneurs are also offered the opportunity to develop their promising venture concepts through individual entrepreneurial projects, supervised by the Course Coordinator and key MAFED faculty experts in the field.

Tutors support students in all phases needed to carry out a new venture:

  • The early-assessment stage, designed to measure the feasibility of the project, by taking into consideration the vision of the project and the resilience of the founder
  • The Business Planning process, through identification of industry opportunities, the players and the competitive advantages of the idea, from commercial, operational and organizational point of view
  • The formal writing of a complete business plan in all its sections: Product/Service Description, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, Organization, Financials

To address the ideas on the faster track to marketplace, students who have entrepreneurial projects with promising and winning features that imply innovation and technological content are favored.
The Coordinator of the course "Business Planning" and MAFED.incubator is Caterina Rivadossi with professional experience in strategic consulting and private equity.

Entrepreneurship stories

Erica Guzman, USA
MAFED 2008

"Before SDA Bocconi, I enjoyed shopping as a mere consumer. SDA Bocconi showed me that creating an effective shopping experience is a multi-faceted craft that can be measured, planned and managed. SDA Bocconi MAFED was a three-level experience for me: first, an experienced faculty; second, a worldwide student body with their own ideas and goals; and third, Milan -- everything in the world of design is either created in, or passes through, Milan. Having a comprehensive view of marketing, finance and purchasing is vital for the entrepreneur. We need to make many decisions across all disciplines and you better have laid the groundwork where you can ask all the questions."


Antoine Le Galloudec, France
MAFED 2003

Why did you choose to MAFED?
After studying finance and then international business, I made the choice to work in the luxury field, so I have looked for an International Master where I could study brand management applied to the luxury business.

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Louis Houdart, France
MAFED 2002

I guess I always had an entrepreneurial spirit, before Mafed I was an entrepreneur for others. Participating to a wine start up in Beijing, Summergate, then in charge of opening their office in South China, Shenzhen. MAFED gave me some of the essential tools to become an entrepreneur as well as the credibility in my field.

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Vorravit Siripark, Thailand
MAFED 2002

Why did you choose MAFED?
I was considering an MBA program but felt that it wouldn’t necessarily prepare me for a management career in the fashion/luxury industry, in which creativity plays a major role. Combining creativity and business together was something I was looking for.

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