Master in Fashion Management and Design Management | SDA Bocconi

Director's message

In 2019, MAFED is entering its 18th edition.
Sixteen years of history have made the SDA Bocconi Master in Fashion, Experience and Design Management a globally recognized leading program for talented professionals wishing to pursue an international career in fashion, luxury, and design industries.

MAFED’s success is well rooted in a broad array of different peculiar ingredients, which contribute to a unique, outstanding recipe:

  • SDA Bocconi leadership in executive education: the only Italian School in the most important international rankings and awarded the three most prestigious accreditations AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA.
  • Milano leadership in fashion and design: only in Milano students can be exposed to the best fashion and design companies, learn from top managers and directly experience the brands in stores, events and trade fairs, while also ‘seeing and touching’ the product where it is originally made. It is the creativity, it is the ‘Made in Italy’, and it is the ability to make things happen from concept to execution.
  • The relevant and practical knowledge of a dedicated and passionate faculty: over 30 Professors that bring a 360 degree view about the way these industries work, in order to equip students with the tools needed to envisage the future, both as managers and as entrepreneurs. 
  • The powerful network: there are more than 80 guest speakers throughout the year, almost 500 Alumni worldwide, and a large Business community thanks to the SDA Bocconi Fashion & Design Platform which has been educating executives for more than 20 years.
  • The strategic partnership with the Fondazione Altagamma network of fashion and design brands and companies. "The program also has the strong support of the most important firms operating within the fashion and design industries. Companies contribute to MAFED with guest speakers, visits to factories, showrooms and stores, alongside field projects and placement opportunities.
  • MAFED is the right program for those who believe that learning is a process of exploring differences and celebrating diversity: with an average of more than 20 nationalities per class, MAFED is an ideal laboratory to prepare students for working within multi-cultural environments and sparking entrepreneurial inspiration.

My commitment is to build on the trusted heritage of MAFED and keep maintaining its leadership position at the worldwide level, to make a real difference for your next job position.

My challenge is to contribute to design the future of tradition, recognizing the unique DNA of fashion and design companies, often rooted in long-lasting successful histories, and fueling it with the new tools made available by new managerial approaches, enhanced analytics, and new technologies. Only in this way can we equip our students with the proper soft and hard skills to face a new journey into a market where competition among industries is increasing, where customers are radically changing their approach to brands by mixing together mainstream and luxury products, as well as contemporary brands with long-lasting-icons, where geographic boundaries are fuzzier and fuzzier and global markets the fundamental landscape to profitably manage businesses. 

My promise is to make your experience through this journey unforgettable for the rest of your life, not only thanks to the excellent program we are designing for you, but also thanks to the unrepeatable contribution of an impressive company and alumni network that is going to represent a major asset for the rest of your personal and professional life.

We look forward to meeting you in SDA Bocconi and build this unique experience together!


Emanuela Prandelli | MAFED Director, LVMH Associate Professor in Fashion and Luxury Management, Università Bocconi