Teaching methods and evaluation process

Residential modules and exams take up thirty-two working days and four Saturday mornings and are divided between Italy and Spain.

Overall, 50% of the Executive Master in Marketing & Sales sessions are face-to-face and 50% are by distance learning sessions.


Residency modules take place at ESADE Business School in Barcelona and Madrid, and SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milano.

Participants will undertake 7 face-to-face modules stretching from January 2019 through to February 2020.

The residency modules are rigorous. They consist of classroom time in these three cities with leading professors from ESADE and SDA Bocconi.


emms online class - 08 may 2018


Paolo Guenzi - SDA Professor, EMMS teacher of "Marketing and Sales". Consultative and value selling

emms online class - 08 may 2017


Alessandro Arbore - SDA Professor, teacher of "Marketing Management and Strategic Marketing". Competitive Cycles: Introducing the framework

emms online class - 08 november 2016


Paola Cillo - SDA Bocconi Professor, teacher of "Marketing Creativity and Innovation".

Distance Learning

Distance Learning modules are a continuation of the one-week classroom sessions.
Lasting for about six weeks and following each residency module, these modules allow participants to return home and continue in their job while researching topics started in the residential phase in greater depth.
The combination of being at work and studying simultaneously, allows participants to put what they learn into immediate practice.

The distance learning modules are as rigorous as those that are conducted face-to-face, but the program’s intuitive, easy-to-use online platform enables participants to move at their own pace.

The online modules feature: 

  • Live/recorded online classes
  • Individual and group assignments
  • Discussion forums and blogs
  • Faculty-guided business games
  • Online cases and readings


"Excellent experience at EMMS 11!!!
EMMS proved to be a wonderful source of knowledge, suitable as preparation for a management role in marketing and sales, as well as for professionals already engaged in these functions wanting to sharpen their skills and tools and excel in their roles. Contents cover from establishing best practices to the cutting edge of the industry evolution, for example when discussing digital communication and business, or customer satisfaction and a focus on individual marketing. The quality of the lecturers and their research and consulting work, clearly contribute to make the master up-to-date and connected with professional reality. An effective blend of lectures, workshops, simulations, and case studies, addressed individually or in teams, makes the delivery of the content engaging and stimulating. The balanced blend of business-to-consumer and business-to-business perspectives, with a great breath of industries, adds to make the experience enriching and eye-opening."

Alberto Lora Lamia | EMMS 2018