• Andrea Rocca - Peruvian

    Digital Commercial Manager Belcorp EMMS 2018

    I signed up to the EMMS programme looking to change my professional life, which I more than achieved on the way. I have refreshed my knowledge base, challenged myself and have become more agile and adaptable.

  • Bruno Praciano Marques - Portuguese/Brazilian/Spanish

    Director, Business Development Getronics EMMS 2018

    The multicultural experience and high-level of education in the EMMS programme provided me with a unique learning experience in two of the most renowned Business Schools in Europe, bringing me to higher level of knowledge in Marketing & Sales.

  • André Augusto Joel - Brazilian

    Sr. Account Executive, Large Publisher Acquisition Google EMMS 2018

    Travelling from South America to Europe every 2 months for a week, was definitely worth it! The programme gave me the opportunity to learn from my international peers and appreciate their different points of view on common topics, giving me new perspective on the world of business.

  • Janine Rehm - German/Chinese/Malaysian

    CRM & Event Manager Pioneer Pte Ltd EMMS 2018

    EMMS was exactly what I had been looking for; it gives me the flexibility to combine my Master studies with my professional life and travels. I think the entire programme is very well designed and adds tremendous value to my long-term career aspirations.

  • Alberto Lora Lamia - Italian

    Marketing Manager - The Dow Chemical Company EMMS 2018

    Excellent experience at EMMS 11!!!
    EMMS proved to be a wonderful source of knowledge, suitable as preparation for a management role in marketing and sales, as well as for professionals already engaged in these functions wanting to sharpen their skills and tools and excel in their roles. Contents cover from establishing best practices to the cutting edge of the industry evolution, for example when discussing digital communication and business, or customer satisfaction and a focus on individual marketing. The quality of the lecturers and their research and consulting work, clearly contribute to make the master up-to-date and connected with professional reality. An effective blend of lectures, workshops, simulations, and case studies, addressed individually or in teams, makes the delivery of the content engaging and stimulating. The balanced blend of business-to-consumer and business-to-business perspectives, with a great breath of industries, adds to make the experience enriching and eye-opening.

  • Higor Rodrigues Batagin - Brazilian/Italian

    Key Account Manager EMEA - Whirlpool Corporation EMMS 2018

    I was looking for a program that could give me a broader view about what's going on and what are the trends for Marketing and Sales across several industries as well in-depth knowledge in the areas where I currently operate, without having to step away from the market. I am more than happy to find that EMMS offered me more than what I was looking for: learning from the experience of the faculties of two top-notch Business Schools while experiencing a multi-cultural and multi-industry environment formed by other participants and their experiences. The enhancements in my skill set and in my thinking process were real, and translated into my career even before I finished the program.

  • Ahmed Mustafa Haq - Pakistani

    Marketing Manager - Qatar national Import & Export Co. EMMS 2018

    After working for 10 years, I was looking for a degree that could enhance my skill set while on the job, and increase my resume value. I guarantee that EMMS is exactly that. You study, live and spend time with the best in terms of faculty and classmates from across the world, and learn real life business solving skills in the process. To top all of that off - its taught by two of the most respected names in global business education. EMMAS is a truly phenomenal experience!

  • Susanne Steuer - German

    Account Executive Commodity Trading & Retail – SAP, Germany EMMS 2018

    EMMS really is about the people participating in the program creating the unique multicultural and diverse EMMS experience. The program really helped me to get out of my comfort zone, broaden my horizons and change my way of thinking.

  • Albert van den Brink - Dutch

    Business Development Manager - Shell International Exploration & Production EMMS 2018

    EMMS allowed me to get my ‘customer value propositions’ right: the ability to deliver compelling, differentiating and sustainable propositions which are attractive to both my counterparts and my company

  • Michael Falkensteiner - German

    Project Leader International Advertising, BMW Group EMMS 2018

    I have reached a point in my career where it is time to take the next step. To truly develop myself, I have to challenge my status quo. I always have had a challenger mentality, with my drive to seek better ways to accomplish my goals. It is not only about climbing up the career ladder. It is about having a vision and the courage to achieve it. I have applied to the EMMS program not to do things the way they have always been done, but to learn and figure out how to do them better. Therefore, now is the right time to benefit both from cutting edge theoretical knowledge and practical cases, as well as professionally benchmark myself and be challenged by other participants in EMMS.

  • Fabian Koch - Swiss

    Director Global Key Account Manager, Franke Coffee System EMMS 2017

    After graduating from the EMMS program, I managed to get a deeper knowledge in a Key Account Manager role before being appointed to a Director Global Key Account Manager at Franke Coffee System. The interactions with different nationalities and the group work helped me in my future decision making. My colleagues made the program special and I learned a lot about myself during that time.