All the Requirements to Join the EMMIO Team

All the requirements for admission to the EMMIO and the selection process are designed to ensure a strong integration between the program and your specific objectives.


Selection process is on rolling basis.

You are required to have:

  • A university degree (BA degree or equivalent) in any discipline
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience
  • Proficiency in English
  • Strong motivation

What We Need from You

The application must also be accompanied by:

  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of your passport or ID

How to Apply

The application form is available exclusively online and must be completed with accurate and precise information regarding your personal and professional experiences and your reasons for attending the program. Please, fill it out and submit it through our website and upload all required documents to the “Documents” section of your online application.

Official transcripts and/or certified copies should be both uploaded and sent by conventional mail to:

SDA Bocconi, Masters Division

Recruiting and Admissions Service - EMMIO

Via Sarfatti, 10

20136 Milan, Italy


For further clarification on individual applications, please contact Admissions Service.

SDA Bocconi, Masters Division

Recruiting and Admissions Service - EMMIO

Phone + 39 02 5836-6109 / 6217


Admission Process

The application is available exclusively online and must be filled out in English. You may verify the arrival of your application and confirm that all the documentation has been received through our application website.


Applications are examined on a rolling basis. Therefore, it is in your best interest to submit your application as early as possible.


When we receive your application, we carry out a pre-selection based on the documents sent. The Admissions Committee lets you know if you are considered suitable to proceed with the selection process.


If so, you will be required to have an interview which may be held at SDA Bocconi in Milan or remotely (via Skype). Candidates are carefully selected on the basis of an extensive review of their skills.


The final result will be communicated once the application is complete, which means all documents must have been received and the interview completed.

Fees & Expenses

Tuition Fees

The total fee for the program 2021-2022 is € 25,000 to be paid in three installments:

First Installment

€ 8,500

within 15 days after the confirmation of admission to the program

Second Installment

€ 8,500

by 31 January 2022

Third Installment

€ 8,000

by 30 April 2022


The fees include:

  • All teaching material used during the program
  • Access to the school’s facilities


Payment Methods:

  • Bank check made payable to “Università Bocconi”
  • Bank transfer to Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Ag. 11, Via Bocconi 8, Milano IBAN: IT55E0569601610000002000X88 - BIC/SWIFT: POSOIT22
  • Credit Card


Personal Expenses

Travel expenses and accommodation in Milan are not included. For accommodation, you will benefit from SDA Bocconi’s agreements with local hotels. You might also contact Agenzia BCD Travel, who provides a free hotel booking service:


+39 0871 803810


Of course, personal expenses will vary significantly depending on each individual’s lifestyle. In general, the cost of living in Milan is comparable to that of other major European cities. We aim to provide you with an accurate expectation of monthly expenses based on information provided by students in recent years:


Housing € 400 - 600

Meals  € 450 (coffee corner and other additional services are offered by SDA Bocconi)

Transports € 100

Misc. Expenses € 350

Total  € 1,300 - 1,500

Scholarships and Tuition Waivers

Each year, SDA Bocconi offers a number of scholarships and tuition waivers. Tuition waivers and scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit to candidates with an outstanding profile or other specific requirements. Admission to the program is independent of the awarding of any scholarship or tuition waiver.
You can apply to the scholarship/tuition waivers even though your selection process is still in progress.
If you meet more than one requirement, you can apply to multiple scholarhsips/tuition waivers.



Outstanding Profiles

3 Partial Tuition Waivers

Proven experience in the area of reproductive health care for women and youth

1 Partial Tuition Waivers

Profiles from Global South

1 Partial Tuition Waivers

Loans and Funding

The School assists candidates with their search for funding by supplying the necessary documentation and encouraging them to explore all scholarship and loan possibilities. SDA Bocconi provides opportunities for low-interest loans to admitted students (International studentsItalian students), thanks to agreements with partner banks. Loan applications must be submitted by the end of month that follows your Master starting date.

Furthermore, the University provides international students with information about possible sources for financing in several countries. For further information, please visit the Università Bocconi website.