• Anna Dato - Italian

    Make Up Strategic Marketing & Account Development VP Asia

    What are the specific skills a manager needs in order to work in the luxury sector?

    I believe you need a balanced right/left brain. In a environment where creativity is key to success, it is important to never stop dreaming, but also manage the dreaming. I believe culture and vision need to be paired with a strong business mindset, particularly to be able to manage the complexity of a faster and more global environment.

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  • Valeria Borri Brunetto - Italian

    EMiLUX 2017 - 2018

    “The luxury industry is full of opportunities and the psychology behind luxury product consumption is very well understood. Part of the value chain, however, is still unexploited and ripe for further improvements. Given my technical background and general managerial skills, my goal in joining EMiLUX is to strengthen my strategic and marketing understanding of the luxury world to help in the creation of additional value from idea to launch.”

  • Henrik Björck - Swedish

    EMiLUX 2017 - 2018

    “When you arrive to EMiLUX, you do not realize how close the friendships to your fellow students will become. After just a few sessions, you feel as if you have known these people for many years. The friendships and networks created with a high level of trust will endure for many years."

  • Tarek Al Hammoud - Lebanese

    EMiLUX 2017 - 2018

    “I am very proud to be part of EMiLUX. It is a complete, compelling and comprehensive Master where one is surrounded by future top leaders from all luxury industries while visiting main gateway business capitals of the world. Without any doubts, EMiLUX is an amazing professional life changing experience that will position you on the top range of luxury management professionals.”