Milano, Italy: where you learn, where you live.

Studying and living in Milano means the best mix of culture, leisure, people and places.

Milano will be your campus - a city at the center of European and Italian business, finance and industry with a great potential for contacts and careers.

You will discover its historical monuments and its landmarks, its financial and fashion districts, its renowned football clubs and its taste for food and wine, all in your everyday life.
Having long been the center where you can find the finest Italy has to offer in food & beverage and related industries, the hub of fashion, creativity, design and culture, Milano is the ideal campus to discover Italian Excellence, allowing SDA Bocconi to bring together business and innovation with the unparalleled wealth of the Italian cultural heritage.

To your surprise, you will experience the joy of skiing in the Alps, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea or sightseeing in Venice, Rome or other major European capitals, all less than 3 hours from the School.

Two bases for a campus in the heart of Milano, the financial and economic capital of Italy, in the middle of Europe.

The strategic location of SDA Bocconi offers rich international contacts, opportunities and the ability to be in the cradle of Italian culture, fashion, design and lifestyle.

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The many identities of Milano.

Banking & Finance

Around 200 Italian banking groups and more than 40 foreign banks are headquartered in Milano. 
ABI, the Italian banking association that represents the country’s banking system and the Stock Exchange (with over 225 Italian companies listed), also have their headquarter in the city. 

Fashion & Design

From shoes to clothes, from Moka to Ferrari, Italian style is renowned all over the world.

Milano is a hub for fashion and design, boasting the highest concentration of fashion houses, showrooms, outlets and international events.


Milano is not just a business center, it also leads the way in the non-profit sector with 6,000 organizations operating here to promote social justice and sustainable development in order to improve everyone’s quality of life. 
These are values that SDA Bocconi also shares and works to promote.

Art & Beauty

The city plays host to major art collections and can boast many historic buildings that signify its long history and are worth visit. 
In addition, Milano is also well-positioned geographically: within two hours you can easily reach several seaside and mountain resorts, as famous lakes.

Conferences & Exhibitions

Milano has one of the biggest centers for conferences and exhibitions, with over 1.6 million square meters of floor space.
Every year, around 4.5 million visitors attend the 80 largest events. In addition, 2015 was the year of Expo Milano.

Publishing & Media

In Milano, there are over 700 media enterprises, comprising of book publishers, national newspapers, TV production studios and radio stations for RAI and Mediaset, as well as most of the digital media industry. 
Other key sectors driving the city’s economy include state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and research centers for medicine, biotechnology, chemistry and engineering.

Incoming MBA exchange student blogs about her experience in Milano.

Looking back on what I had learned both in the classroom and on my travels, I couldn’t help but feel an immense feeling of both gratitude and fulfillment...During my time away from home, I traveled over 25,000 miles on 14 flights and countless trains, visiting 15 cities in 9 countries. While in Milan, I took 10 classes across 2 modules, completing 15 credits by spending over 150 hours in the classroom, going on 5 company visits and giving 8 group presentations.  Not only do I have memories that will last a lifetime, I also completed my MBA and am now poised to put together all the pieces of the next chapter of my life in New York. But perhaps the most important thing I learned on my trip may just simply be…
Milano, ti amo.

Becky Malik, NYU Stern

Reminiscence and Rejuvenation: An MBA in Milan

La Mia Dolce Vita Milanese

Milano, Ti Amo.