Directors' messages

"Luxury requires you to be both highly imaginative and highly disciplined. The industry has dramatically changed in recent decades, by going through continued revolutions in digital technologies, international markets, and consumer trends. The successful companies are those that preserve their heritage and fundamental values of beauty, creativity, and exclusivity, but at the same time understand new trends and catch emerging opportunities. These are exciting times for luxury, a fascinating yet challenging market where international managers are asked to perform at their best, equipped with cutting edge management tools and endless creativity. I believe that EMiLUX is a unique opportunity for talented international professionals who want to develop their career in this growing and dynamic industry."

Gabriella Lojacono | EMiLUX Co-Director, SDA Bocconi School of Management

"The shared vision between ESSEC Business School and SDA Bocconi School of Management is rooted in our cultural foundations and history, from ancient mediterranee, trade and European exchanges in the mid ages, to the Renaissance Humanism. This shared heritage of Italy and France, home of famous luxury and fashion Houses, will train and develop future leaders who will not only master technical and analytical skills but would also be exposed to humanities, creativity, art and cultures of these two countries during the process of learning the business of luxury."

Ashok Som | EMiLUX Co-Director, ESSEC Business School